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Clulite Trailblaser

Clulite Trailblaser

Cluson Engineering have a comprehensive range of lamping kit that includes gun mountable lamps, tactical torches and equally as many handheld spotlights. In relation to the latter, more recently they’ve concentrated on the highly-portable selfcontained units, such as the Clu-Briter series. However, they also have more conventional hand-helds, configured as a separate lamp unit with integral handle, designed to be plugged into a suitable battery pack. The latest that uses this lamp into battery layout is the mighty Clulite Trailblaser 4000.

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Using a ground-breaking single 45W white LED with a computer designed reflector fitted within an alloy housing, this solid, robust spotlight projects a super bright beam that can reach out to 1000m. The lens housing is approximately 6¼-inches in diameter and measures 8-inches from the front to the back of the 6-inches long ABS body. The handle is slim and very ergonomically designed for ease of use, which is made more efficient due to it having a new design flush-fitting, rubberised on/off pressure switch that operates very positively. The Trailblaser is fitted with a cigar plug as standard for use directly from the vehicle, or can be run from any 12V SLA or Li-ion battery.

A feature worthy of note, is that it only has a power/current drain of 4-amps, meaning that it will run from the smallest and lightest of suitable power-packs.

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  • Name: Clulite Trailblaser 4000 including red filter
  • Price: £108.60
  • Contact: Cluson Engineering Ltd. cluson.co.uk