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Fenix HM61R Recharchable Headlamp/Torch

Fenix HM61R Recharchable Headlamp/Torch

Fenix have more than proven themselves in the UK marketplace with their vast array of headlights and torches. In their very comprehensive roster, they have a few ‘hybrid lights’ that are designed to be used as a headlamp or alternatively the lighting unit can be detached from its holder in the headband to be used as a handheld torch or task light. Their flagship model, the HM61R, is the most useful, versatile and practical dual duty light of this kind and certainly one of the best I’ve ever had the opportunity to test and here’s why.

Very industrious

Built to industrial standards this very tough cookie is designed to easily withstand the rigours of the field. The light unit itself measures 101mm long x 22mm in diameter x 26mm wide at the head, while the lamp retainer in the headband is 83mm long x 46mm wide. Manufactured from high-quality aluminium and polycarbonate, the alloy has a Premium Type III hard-anodised anti-abrasive finish with an IP68 water and weatherproof rating. It’s powered by a rechargeable Fenix ARB-L18- 3500mAh 18650 battery (supplied) but can be powered by 2x CR123 non-rechargeable batteries and weighs 99.5-grams (excluding any battery).

Dual light

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It features a LUMINUS SST40 White LED and 2x Red LEDs. All of which are operated by a rubberised push button on/ off mode switch positioned on the side of the body casing adjacent to the smooth reflector with TIR lens. However, the light can easily be removed from the headband where it is held in place by ABS clips and a rubber overstrap. It’s also designed so it can be freestanding. Plus, its magnetic tail cap not only allows it to be attached to suitable areas for positioning, but the operating switch is then on top of the torch so it effectively then becomes a head switch.

This gives access to the unit’s five white brightness settings, plus a secondary two-level redlight beam of 1L and 5-Lumens for use when you want to protect your night vision. This mode also features a signalling setting.

White brightness and run times are: 5L 12.5-days, 50L 38-hours, 150L 12-hours, 400L 4-hours, 1200L 1-hour+ while the circuitry allows the brightness to decrease according to power status to still give a full 1000-Lumens for 2-hours.

Get smart

The light features what can be termed SMART charging because the battery is rechargeable on board using the included magnetic charging cable. The standard USB connector on one end of the cable is plugged into your phone charger or similar USB output device while the faced magnetic plug is placed near the receiver on the light head, whereupon it snaps into place and begins charging. The charging cable features a built-in LED indicator (green charging/red fully charged) plus there’s even a battery meter LED under the switch cover. If this wasn’t impressive enough it also features a white light memory that switches the light back on at your previous setting, a lockout mode to prevent accidental operation, pocket clip, anti-sweat reflective headband with tilt adjust headlamp holder and carries a five-year UK warranty.

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  • Fenix HM61R Recharchable Headlamp/Torch - image {image:count}

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  • Name: Fenix HM61R Magnetic Rechargeable Headlamp/Torch
  • RRP: £89.95
  • Contact: My Fenix (The Photon Shop): myfenix.co.uk