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Clulite CL12FC Super Beam LED Head-A-Lite

Clulite CL12FC Super Beam LED Head-A-Lite

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The Clulite HL12FC Super Beam LED Head-A-Lite produces 185 Lumens with a range of 125m. It includes adjustable focus control, head positioning and there are seven light functions with a rear-mounted unit for added visibility/safety. As well as the main, white, CREE LED there are also specific red, blue and green modes. The main casing measures 60 x 43 x 35mm and runs on 3 x AAA batteries (supplied) that fit into a rear mounted pack. The front light offers three modes: high, low and emergency flashing, all controlled by a rubberised pressure switch on the top. Battery life is 16-hours on high, 35 on low and 48 on flashing. The design includes a collimator lens for a tight, focused beam and the housing tilts on a six-position ratchet system. The rear red safety light operates independently if needed. On the left-hand side of the pack is another pressure switch that turns on a thin red bar light, pressing twice and it goes into a flashing mode. The elasticated head strap and over strap are adjustable with internal padding on the front and rear sections.

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  • Price: £32.00
  • Contact: www.cluson.co.uk, 01730 264672