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Princeton Tec Vizz, Sync and Remix Rechargeable Headlamps

Princeton Tec’ has become a very well-respected manufacturer of topquality headlamps, so not surprisingly the models here featured will suit any night shooter. All have adjustable single strap headbands, asymmetrical ‘tilt’ adjust lamp casings manufactured from toughened ABS and all come supplied with batteries.

First up is the Vizz which measures 60x50x42mm and weighs 92g including the 3x AAA Alkaline batteries that power it. It has three distinct beam profiles all easily accessed via a simple press, hold or double press of the top positioned rubberised control switch. This nifty ‘translucent’ switch also acts as a low battery indicator. One white Maxbright LED creates a powerful 165 Lumen spot beam for long-throw illumination, a pair of white Ultrabright LEDs deliver a dimmable flood-beam, plus two red Ultrabright LEDs serve for preserving night vision. The Vizz features ‘heatsink technology’ to prevent overheating and, like all of the company’s ‘Professional Series’ of headlamps, the Vizz is waterproof to IPX-7 standard plus it uses Princeton Tec’s own regulated circuitry making the unit also lithium battery compatible. This particular model can be purchased with a red, black or green casing.

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The Sync measures 65x35x40mm and weighs 83g including its 3x AAA Alkaline battery power source. The LED configuration includes an Ultrabright red LED flanked by a white Maxbright LED (Spot Beam) and a white Maxbright LED (Flood Beam). A side positioned twist power dial gives direct access to the red LED, then increments of rotation switch on the spot beam, the flood beam and a dual beam mode – spot and flood at the same time when you require its full 90 Lumen output.

Last but not least is the top dog of the trio and a first for Princeton Tec, as it’s a rechargeable model. The lamp head measures 32x61x34mm and holds one white Maxibright 185 Lumen LED, and to the right are a triangular cluster of three ‘dimmable’ Ultrabright red LEDs. All light modes are accessed by the generously sized top positioned rubber pressure switch. The Lithium rechargeable battery is housed in a 70x93 x25mm pack at the rear of the headband to increase balance and also works as a platform for flashing rear lights. The battery is charged via a weather-sealed micro-USB port plus a battery power meter display shows the unit’s charge status. The light comes with a USB charge lead to connect it to a computer for charging, but should the need arise it can also be powered by 3x AAA Alkaline batteries and weighs 155g if used with this alternative power source.

Priced at SRP£49, £34.95 and £87.95 respectively, contact Whitby and Co on 01539 721 032. www.whitbyandco.co.uk. www.princetontec.com.

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