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5.11 ATAC R3MC rechargable Torch

5.11 ATAC R3MC rechargable Torch

Wherever you are in the world, a good, reliable torch (or flashlight) is a basic need if you want to operate after dark. With the new 5.11 ATAC R3MC rechargeable torch you not only get a very versatile and well-featured lighting tool, but also a charging system that is suitable for almost any country world-wide.  However, first the torch itself!

Feature Packed

Made from aerospace grade aluminium, the torch measures 16cm long with a 3cm body diameter and a 3.75cm diameter head.  The body of the torch is ridged for a secure grip and the tail cap is knurled for extra grip. A “TPR” soft touch lugged ring on the body of the torch prevents the torch rolling when set down.  A removable stamped metal pocket clip is provided for safe carriage and the torch comes with a lanyard that has a “breakaway” safety clip built in.

The tail cap features a press button “intelligent” switch that can cycle the light from high to low and even a disorientating strobe, lock the light on or just allow a quick “blip” of light.  Once you get used to it, this switch is easy to use and allows you to choose your light output.

The tail cap also features a rotary switch for switching from white light (from a Cree XP-GT LED) to red or blue LED lights for low light or signalling options.  The torch will strobe in the coloured light as well as in plain white.

The switch can be locked when the torch is not in use.  The tail cap is sealed against water with an “O” ring making the torch weather resistant.


The torch has a regulated circuit and gold plated contacts for maximum output and performance. It comes with a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery and an alternative battery carrier for 2 x CR123 batteries for use if the rechargeable battery runs out while you are away from a charging unit.

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The ATAC R3 MC torch has a beam of 239 lumens that can reach up to 102m for up to 3 hours on high setting, a beam of 23 lumens that can reach up to 32m for 43 hours on low, or a dazzling strobe of 239 lumens illuminating up to 102m for 6hours 15 mins (and drive everyone nuts doing so) using a fully charged Li-Ion battery on “white” setting.

The torch weighs about 200gm (with the Li-Ion battery) and can be safely dropped from about 1m.


The torch comes with a “charging base” with sprung arms to hold the torch securely, an LED display light (with high and low settings) that shows red while the torch is charging and switches to green when the charging is complete, as well as coming with screws so that the base can be permanently fixed to a wall or car dashboard etc.

This base can be used with the supplied 12v DC car cigarette lighter port connector or the 110v-120v AC household electrical supply “world wall” connector.

This latter adaptor is a clever bit of kit comprising an adaptor unit onto which 4 different plug fittings can fit, making the torch suitable for recharging in almost any country around the planet.

Field Test

In use, the torch has proved excellent; it is strongly built, well up to strenuous usage and tough enough to work when others fail. The only slight failure I experienced with the torch is that I managed to split the TPR soft touch anti-roll ring during my “torture test”… but as the pocket clip stops the torch rolling anyway, I was not concerned and did not bother replacing it.

Overall, I have found the 5.11 Tactical series ATAC R3 MC Rechargeable Torch a tough, practical, versatile, designed and engineered bit of kit and ideal for rough usage anywhere in the world, as well as pretty good value for around £155.00.

For more information visit tel. 01782 515901 or visit www.511tacticaleu.com

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