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Clulite Interceptor Gun-Lite

Clulite Interceptor Gun-Lite

Although Cluson Engineering have a selection of what can be termed ‘self-contained’ tactical style gunlight, they’ve always kept a good selection of more traditional lamps that use an external battery. I mention this as the Interceptor can be seen as a half-way house type of lamp, as although self-contained, the body is more substantial than a standard tac light.

What’s in the box?

The full kit includes the Interceptor CREE LED light, Dual gun mounting clamp (25mm & 30mm), Rechargeable NIMH battery, Stock mountable in line on/off switch, Mains & vehicle chargers, Pistol Grip Handle and a Set of three filters (Red, Amber & Yellow).

This self-contained streamlined gun light takes its power from the integrally housed rechargeable NI-MH battery. The compact lightweight lamp head mounts quickly and easily onto a scope using the company’s highly acclaimed universal gun mounting clamp. A unique feature of the light is that it has a dual switching system – on the rear of the unit is a fixed press button switch and a unique detachable inline stock mounting switch affords everything to be close to hand.

Mount up

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To mount the lamp onto the universal scope mount, the slot on the underside of the unit, slips over the spigot at the top of the clamp. After ensuring its fully engaged it secures using a finger friendly thumbscrew at the rear. The mount fits 25mm (1-inch) tubed optics using an adaptor ring as well as 30mm body tubes.

Once in situ, the lamp head can be precisely set for your preferred distance and sight line due too it is ‘sitting’ on a lockable ball joint socket. When set, this can then be locked in position using the two rear thumbscrews on the clamp. Then, simply plug the mini jack plug of the remote switch into the rear of the lamp and affix onto the stock forend at any position that suits using the length of double-sided Velcro tape that comes supplied.

When it’s transformed using the separate handle to be used as a handheld, it again doesn’t disappoint due to the user-friendly nature of the rear mounted operating buttons. These are generously sized and neatly arranged on the rear of the lamp head itself. These are configured as a lever mode switch on the left (accesses high or low beam) and the rubber covered main press button switch is found to the right of the unit’s remote socket. Both operate very efficiently and give an assured feel during use.

If you require the ‘strobe’ mode, the posi-head screw below needs removing so the cam washer it holds can be altered allowing the lever extra travel to access this facility. For those who never use this mode, I feel having to do this task is a simple way of ‘isolating’ it so it can’t inadvertently be switched on

Push in

Filters push into the reflector and lens protector’s rubber rim as it also serves to hold and house any of the ‘glass’ options supplied. Continuous run time is 3-hours full beam, 20-hours low beam and 3-hours strobe. The unfiltered white beam claims a 300m range. The very tight spot has hardly any overspill or ‘halo’ effect and after test in various conditions the Interceptor is easily capable of reaching out to 250m for spotting and clearly identifying quarry.

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  • Name: Clulite Interceptor Re-chargeable Gun-Lite
  • RRP: £140
  • Contact: Cluson Engineering Ltd: cluson.co.uk