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Clulite LED Lazerlite Package

The Lazerlite range of Clulite lamps from Cluson Engineering is a popular and comprehensive one. The Lazerlite and even their Blazerlite series stay faithful to a more traditional design, as they use a remote battery. You may think this a bit ‘old school’ but Clulite units have been modernised in many ways to be user-friendly, neat and lightweight. These more traditional-style kits still have a loyal following, especially amongst those who need a more powerful lamp, such as fullbore foxers.


In that respect, the LA31 LED Lazerlite Package is a well thought out kit, the ‘key’ issues it addresses are to give the user a high power, compact yet lightweight, hand-held spotlight, which is bundled together with a compact and lightweight modern battery. The ‘full package’ includes a new design LED 25w Lazerlite lamp, 12v 4.4amp/ hr Li-ion battery pack, mains charger, adaptor lead & red filter; in fact all you need!

The LA31 is a completely new design with a powerful 25watt LED built into its waterproofed head assembly. The lamp housing measures 4 ¼” in diameter and is 4 3/8” from front to rear. The front two thirds are manufactured from toughened ABS and can be seen to almost morph ‘over and onto’ the metal heat sink at the rear. This not only disperses heat generated but helps balance out the head. The ergonomic handle is hinged to the main body and shows a simple series of finger grooves formed for a solid grip, along with a rubber-covered ON/ OFF button at the top. So all very instinctive and easy to use!


The overall height of the unit is 10” and the ½-curly/1/2-straight power lead extends out of the bottom of the handle and ends in a male, cigarette lighter plug. This can be plugged straight into a vehicle connection point, or if on foot; an adaptor is supplied so that it can be connected to the compact, almost palm-sized battery (supplied).

This slow drain Li-ion battery measures 3 ½ x 3 x 2 ¼” and can easily be slipped into a jacket pocket or carried over the shoulder with the detachable shoulder strap supplied. This miniature power supply gives a run time of around 2-hours per charge.

Pretty impressive when you consider the LA31 has a blistering 2000Lumen output – making it possibly the brightest and whitest LED hand-held lamp available. This equates to the lamp using less than half the power consumed by similar Q/H and Xenon-type bulbs but still giving double the light output! The incredibly powerful bright white un-filtered beam is rated at giving an approximate spotting distance of 750m.

PRICE: SRP£163.20 Full kit. (Lamp bought separately £79.20)
CONTACT: Cluson Engineering Limited, 01730 264672, http://www.cluson.co.uk

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