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Clulite PLR-500 Long Ranger LED Pistol Light

Clulite PLR-500 Long Ranger LED Pistol Light

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For shooters who pair up to go ‘lamping’ (hunt at night with an artificial light source), a suitably powered highly portable handheld lamp is often now the optimum choice for the lamp man of the team. In that respect there’s now a very comprehensive selection of units to choose from. Virtually all are fitted with long-life LED bulbs with rechargeable Li-ion batteries pre-installed in the lamp head itself, resulting in there being no cumbersome battery pack or trailing wires to worry over. This is exactly the case with the latest handheld from Cluson Engineering Ltd – that being the budget priced Clulite PLR-500 Long Ranger LED Pistol Light.

The kit includes a 1200 Lumen power lamp, red filter, a mains charger and vehicle charger. The light uses a CREE T6 LED and is rated capable of projecting its unfiltered white beam out to 500 metres. The lamp head measures 150mm in diameter and features a slim but ergonomic 115mm x 42mm x 25mm handle. The light is operated by a rubberised pressure switch positioned at the front top of the handle, exactly where it’s required for easy operation with the forefinger. The lamp only weighs 448g as its fitted with special lightweight Lithium-ion batteries that from a fullcharge have an estimated runtime (depending on temperature) of up to three hours. Recharge time is approximately eight hours.

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