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Clulite Pro Scanner 3000 Gunlight

Clulite Pro Scanner 3000 Gunlight

Cluson the kit Engineering Ltd were amongst, if not the, first to offer a fully gun mountable multi-function Tactical Torch to their comprehensive range of more traditional styled lamping kit. I refer to the Master-lite Supreme Gunlite (still available) so obviously it’s still holding its own despite the many other similar types now available. I say this because the design of LED gun lights are advancing at a very fast pace, mostly to include higherspec LEDs and use batteries with integral ‘self-management systems.’ This has resulted in Cluson, like virtually all ‘lamping kit’ manufacturers, continually bettering a previous design or offering another model that gives that little bit extra. This is certainly the case with the Pro Scanner 3000 as the ‘twist in the tail’ (pun intended), is the inclusion of what is termed an ‘Extension Tube’ to allow the use of an ‘extra’ battery should you require a longer run time – more on this later.

The full kit includes the Pro-Scanner 3000 Tactical Torch, 3x rechargeable 18650 Li-ion batteries, mains charger, Dual gun mounting kit suitable for 25 and 30mm scope tubes, tail switch, stock mountable remote switch and an Extension tube. A dedicated filter kit is available as an optional extra with red, amber and green discs – a blue colour disc is available to order.

Manufactured from black anodised aircraft grade aluminium the torch without extension ‘tube’ fitted measures approximately 8¾ inches long, while the one inch diameter of the main body runs approximately for six inches until it meets the elongated 2¼ inches diameter front lens housing – this holds three high-quality prefocused CREE LED’s. I specifically use the term elongated as the generous front section runs back for approximately 2½ inches because at the rear it merges to include a very effective heat sink. In this format it takes 2x 18650 Li-ion re-chargeable batteries for power which use Cluson’s own designed and very efficient built-in battery management system.

Normal use would be with the two batteries, however if extra duration is required then this is where the ‘extension tube’ comes into play. Measuring 3¼ inches in length it’s able to ‘extend’ the length of the torch body, because at opposing ends it has an internal and external thread. This allows it to be screwed onto the body tubes’ threads that the tail switch or remote switch normally attaches to. The extra re-chargeable battery (supplied) can now be installed and the tail switch or remote pressure switch screwed on the rear threads of the extension tube.


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The specification sheet states full beam is 3000 lumen that is capable of reaching out to 300 metres and to safely identify and target quarry at 200 metres. Unfiltered, I reckon it does exactly what it says on the tin and the beam it projects is tight, sharp with zero over-spill. Run times given are two hours on high beam, sixhours on low beam when using it in with 3x 18650 batteries installed. Used without the extension, I found it was more than capable of lasting the average length of lamping session that most of us undertake when the light isn’t being continually left on. Incidentally it can also be powered by 4x CR123 non rechargeable batteries (not supplied) or takes 6x CR123 when used with the extension tube.

The remote pressure switch is very positive in use and actually has two separate ‘encased’ switches inside its elongated ‘rubberised armoured’ and weather-proof casing, allowing you to access all the modes the torch offers. These are on/ off, low to high beam and the switch in the forward section allows you to ‘momentarily’ dab on the light at full beam.

The weight including two batteries installed adds a tad over 16ozs to your combo, while with extension tube and three batteries 19ozs.

Most will use this top-quality ‘scanner’ with two batteries and, in my opinion, if you feel you will require more run time purchase a couple of extra re-chargeable batteries or the alternative recommended standard type. With the extension tube fitted it makes a very useful handheld where a longer run time is often needed.

NAME: Clulite Pro Scanner 3000 Gunlight (PS-3000GL)
FILTER KIT: SRP £22.20 Re-Chargeable 18650 Li-ion Battery: SRP £14.40 each
CONTACT: Cluson Engineering Ltd 01730 264 672 for nearest stockists www.cluson.co.uk


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