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Lee Ultimate Die Set

Lee Ultimate Die Set

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Some reloaders see Lee Precision products as basic, just because they are not expensive, which is a big mistake! A good example would be their die sets, as they offer a wide choice that will appeal to any hand loader. On test, is their Ultimate Set, which covers all the options you might require. As usual, a calibre-specific shell holder and a powder scoop are included, the latter works far better than you might expect and does not need a scale to dispense accurate charges. Literally scoop the powder, level it off and it’s well within limits. There are four dies in the set: full-length sizing/de-capping and neck-sizing/de-capping only, which leaves your fire-formed cases already set to your rifle’s chamber dimensions. Next, a Dead Length bullet seater, with an easily adjustable stem for exact cartridge overall length every time. Finally, a factory crimp unit, this collet-type design will give consistent neck tension and bullet pull and has been proved to drop extreme velocity spreads significantly; plus, it’s adjustable, so you have control over how much you apply. It’s actuated by the shoulder of the case pushing up on the inside of the collet, which causes it to contract and apply the constriction. Lee also includes clear and concise instruction on how to set up and use the dies, calibre information and measurements along with a good choice of reloading data. What’s not to like?

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  • Price: £55
  • Contact: Henry Krank & Co Ltd; www.henrykrank.com


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