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Trophy Gunsafes

With the ever-increasing cost of firearms, scopes, accessories and kit, it is fool hardy not to take security seriously; as a good quality gun safe gives total security and will be the best thing you buy if there is a break in, fire or unauthorised hands that can gain access.

For the cost of a half a decent scope you can afford a quality, fire-proof safe that can also double as a good place to store lap tops, passports, jewellery etc. Raytrade Ltd are best known as the new distributors of Remington, Marlin, Dakota, Harrington and Richardson rifles and Barnes bullets. Now they distribute the Trophy series of fire-proof gun safes that offer a superior level of protection for your valuables.

50% better!

These safes are impressive, and offer good value for money and dare I say good looks too. There are two models (16 and 24-gun) available and both are fire-proof and if you are thinking of upgrading that old safe, go the whole hog and buy one, you will not regret it! Both have a fire resistance rating of 1400° for a period of 45 minutes, with the internal temperature not rising above 350°. This may sound high but that’s very good in the industry and the longevity of protection is also 50% better than some other manufacturers. The house will be burnt down and smouldering but the Trophy will still be standing, which is where the money is going.

They are finished in a hammered, epoxy polyester powder coat paint in gunmetal grey, which is hard-wearing and attractive. Security is paramount, and it’s supplied with metal fork lift skid pads that are detachable on delivery for floor and wall attachment. All fixings are also included.

The general layout and form are the same for both models. You have a choice of mechanical or electronic locking configurations. I like the bank safe type of mechanical combination lock, because I am old school. Most people including my kids like the electronic version, no surprise there. This has some unique features that I have not seen on a safe before. Trouble is, I am one that still thinks contactless is witchcraft!



Thankfully, my son Jake explained the concept of this electronic safe to me. The Trophy electronic versions have several ways to open them. You are supplied with a unique number that is entered via a large circular panel at the front. When the correct sequence is entered then an all clear, green light shows and the threepronged chromed turn-wheel on the front can be rotated to open the door.

This electronic safe is powered by a battery, but if you should leave it on despite the low battery warning, more fool you, then access is gained by a set of high grade profession mapped keys. Really interestingly is the third access point, which is just below the numbered key board, which is a USB outlet point covered by a protective rubber plug. Supplied with each safe is a USB stick with a unique encrypted access code; so, on insertion, the lock is tripped, and you can gain access in the usual way by rotating the exterior locking wheel. This is rather like a house security system with a key fob entry system and speeds up the entry process no end.

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The outer shell comprises of 2.5mm steel plate to guard from direct attack and I reckon would take some getting through with hand tools. Behind this is the fire-retardant material and a further layer of steel protection. Trophy has also given thought to the contents, as we know rifles/ scopes can get marked in an un-lined safe. Here the interior is lined with a grey, carpet-like material, which not only looks good but also stops all those unnecessary knocks and scratches from placing and retracting a gun from a bare-faced gun safe.


Fully equipped

The interior is fully equipped with securing bits, as mentioned before but also comes as standard with all the necessary compartmentation segments to offer the safe in any configuration that suits your style or gun and come to think about valuable possession scenario. There is a carpeted central divider, which and to this as with the inner walls are attached gun division holders. For rifles with large scopes, a simple extension can be fitted, so that the gun sits more upright and so a scope is accommodated more easily.

You are also able to adjust the height of each gun placement, further enhancing the internal compartment arrangement. If you really want to you can just configure each safe as you require, for example; shelves-only, part shelves and part guns, or even all gun fitment, the choice is yours. On the door’s internal face, there are some handy pockets. Three flap-covered and four or six pistol holders. These are handy for keys, camera lenses, magazines, licences, watches or any manner of kit and uses a redundant space efficiently. Up in the top left-hand corner is a separate and internal safe for storing a small quantity of ammunition, rifle bolts, keys or valuables.



Each safe has a 4-way locking bolt system that utilises five active bolts. One to the top and bottom of the door, with three sited in the horizontal access. There are also three captive bolts to the rear of the door that interlock for security as the door is locked. Each bolt has a diameter of 1.5” and is chrome-coated and locks behind a reinforced jamb, so there is no way the door can be prised open or cut. The 16-gun safe is 24” wide x 21” deep x 59” high, with a 11.98 cubic feet capacity and weighs in at 464 lbs. The 24-gun version is 29 x 21 x 59” with a capacity of 14.75 cubic feet and weighs 521 lbs.



All Trophy safes have a 5-year warranty for peace of mind and come from a reputable dealer such as Raytrade UK ltd. To say I was impressed is an understatement, as they will repay your initial investment, not only in peace of mind but in security too.

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  • Prices: Trophy 16 Gun – £829.00, Trophy 24 Gun – £929.00
  • Contact: Raytrade UK Ltd, 01635 253344, www.raytradeuk.co.uk


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  • This sounded great untill it mentioned the USB unlock.
    there is so much to go wrong, its just not needed, manualy override with a good quality key great, software on a USB stick -NO . we have no way of knowing the quality of the software, if any bugs are out there, and how long it will take to before burglers hackers and the like will just google how to break bypass it and download it on site. a safe and any lock, is as weak as its weakest componets, there is a reason i dont use a usb stick to unlock my house, i dont want to have to explain to an FEO how a burgler got into my safe and stole my guns and didnt force the door.

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