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Napier Shotgun & Rifle Case

Napier Shotgun & Rifle Case

I’ve been a keen shooter now for several decades, and if anything, I’ve become more cautious about transporting my kit! We competition shooters consider our rifles as precision instruments, that need careful handling at all times; so, let it get knocked and there’s a good chance of damage or losing zero.

Peace of mind

Padded cases offer some level of protection, but, if you want the ultimate, then it has to be a proper hard case; especially if you’re trusting your gun to airport baggage handlers. This rigid construction brings ultimate peace of mind, since it forms a rigid cell around the gun, cocooning it from any possible damage that may occur. I’ve used them for years, to transport my kit and it just gives you a safe place where you know your investment is secure, so peace of mind. Yes, it pays to be fussy!

Under the spotlight here is the Aluminium Shotgun and Rifle Case from Napier of London, and this is a serious product, built to do a job. They make a point of stating that it’s ‘airline approved’ too, which should give you some idea as to the faith they have in their product and just how tough it is.

Tough cookie

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Specified as black with metallic grey aluminium trim, it comes fitted with four strong key locks, two loop-over types and two spring loaded hinged locks. Each pair requires a different key, so two sets are supplied. Construction is impressive, with aluminium trim throughout, side and re-enforced corner brackets, all combining to great effect. It sits on four small feet when standing up, so wear is prevented on the underside, whilst the substantial central ‘deluxe carry handle’ gets a rubber liner for extra refinement and comfort.

So how big are we talking here? Well, internal dimensions wise, this full-length case is 122.5 x 32.5 x 10cms and will comfortably carry a lengthy scoped rifle or fully assembled shotgun. Napier also produce a shorter, three lock version, which is 84.5 x 35 x 10cms, again internal dimensions.

Egg shell foam

Inside, this sleek case is filled with impact-resistant interlocking egg shell-style HD foam, with, I have to say, just the right amount of resistance. That may sound an odd comment, but some cases on the market get super dense foam that doesn’t have enough ‘give’, so cause a very tight fit with the contents. Napier’s approach sees a perfect snug fit as the fairly soft foam holds the rifle securely without compressing it.

Intrinsic weight is also an issue with this style of case, as again, some in my experience, are so damned heavy to start with, that it all becomes a back-breaking affair. Napier’s design hits the right balance between robust security and manageability, and for that reason, as well as the impressive spec, it gets a firm thumbs up here.

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  • Napier Shotgun & Rifle Case - image {image:count}

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  • Napier Shotgun & Rifle Case - image {image:count}

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  • Price: £187
  • Contact: Napier of London, 01235 812993 www.napieruk.com


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