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CENS Hunter ear plugs

CENS Hunter ear plugs

Puretone’s Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors (CENS) consist of two main parts. The first is a custom moulded ear plug in a wide variety of colours and you can even have your name lasered on too, with coloured dots to indicate left and right ears. Into these fits a digital module in a choice of three models - the CENS ProFlex Digital, Competition and Hunter. These allow you to choose the level of protection required, I went for the Hunter as they are specifically designed for rifle shooting.


The modules are small with hinged battery covers and use hearing aid cells, a magnetic-tipped brush (included) makes putting in the small batteries a lot easier! Battery life is around 220 hours continuous. Controls consist of a rotary volume and an on/off switch, above a press button allows you to switch between two modes. The first offers all round ambient awareness – good for hunting. The second reduces noise interference, which helped with wind noise.

They came in a foam-lined aluminium case with a small protective pouch, two ProFlex brushes for cleaning and 30 spare 312P batteries. Unusual are the wind shields. These are small fleece bags, designed to keep the ears warm and the modules dry - and they work! It’s important to keep your moulds clean to avoid ear infections and a hygiene kit is provided. I have to say that these are the most comfortable form of hearing protection that I have ever used.

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The controls are small and can be a challenge to locate. I always double checked they were turned off once I had taken them out. I did find it easy to mess up what mode I had activated, equally to press the mode button while trying to locate the volume control! Sound protection and pickup was tested in variety of environments On a covered firing point they allowed me to shoot un-moderated centrefire rifles with no requirement to double up and put a set of ear defenders. Also while clay shooting as the constant firing found at a club can interrupt a conversation as the electronics keep clicking in to save the day. The CENS were a vast improvement compared to my defenders, making conversation very easy.

Difficulties did present themselves on a windy day at the ranges as I did find it significantly harder to hear clearly even with the aid of the second mode, the earbags would have helped! All was forgiven when I tried them while hunting as I actually found that they can add to what you would normally hear. It is very hard to see past the price but the CENS ProFlex Hunter’s from Puretone represent an effective and practical design! So comfy you barely know they are there and incredibly efficient. If I did as much shooting as I would like it would be a no brainer!

PRICE: £649
CONTACT: PureTone Ltd, 01634 719 427 www.censdigital.com

FOR: Practical and versatile design
AGAINST: Expensive
VERDICT: The Rolls Royce of hearing protection Lot of money

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