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You Heard It Here First! New Hearing Protection from 3M™ Peltor™

  • John Rothery Wholesale would like to announce they have stock available of two new products from 3M™, the Peltor™ ProTac™ Hunter and Peltor™ ProTac™ Shooter electronic hearing protection. The two new Peltor™ ProTac™ models have been specifically designed with shooting sports in mind. Like their older brother the SportTac™, the ProTac™ models offer superb hearing protection packed with useful features.

  • Sudden loud noises are attenuated at high-speed before they reach your ear, however ambient noises such as dogs or warning whistles can still be heard and even amplified by up to 8dB with five different volume level steps. The operational buttons are large and easy to use, even when wearing gloves. You can connect each headset to a hunting radio or mobile phone via 3.5mm jack to receive communications directly to your ears.

  • Each ProTac™ model is powered by two AA batteries giving up to 100 hours of life. In case you forget to power down the units, they will automatically power-off after 4 hours of non-use which improves battery life. The electronics in each ear cup are housed behind a double wall, protecting them not only from the outside elements but also from any perspiration from the other side.

  • The 3M™ Peltor™ ProTac™ Hunter model offers protection to SNR 26dB. The Peltor™ ProTac™ Shooter model is designed for use in places such as on a range where noise is more harmful, with protection to SNR 32dB. The RRP of each model is £89.99.For further information please visit the John Rothery Wholesale website at www.bisley-uk.com. On the website is a link where consumers can locate their nearest retailer for further enquiries and to make a purchase.