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Premier Plus Shooting Glasses by Vanessa English

Premier Plus Shooting Glasses by Vanessa English

Airgun shooting is an umbrella term these days, as a multitude of different disciplines exist to tempt the enthusiast. Protecting one’s eyes should never be taken lightly, however, and certain scenarios dictate the use of protective eye gear.

The massive popularity of CO2 airguns in recent years, for example, means many shooters are regularly using this medium, and with BBs often the ammunition of choice, ricochets are more likely than ever.

As an airgun product tester, my job obviously necessitates power checking at close range over an electronic chronograph. With that setup, ricochets are far more likely than in normal shooting scenarios. Being asked to lend a hand at a recent indoor pistol promotional event for scouts also found me reaching for safety glasses, and in these close-range situations it is very difficult to eliminate ricochets altogether.

Premier League

Rangesports are well-known for their ever-increasing selection of shooting accessories, primarily aimed at the airgun shooter, and eye-protection is something they haven’t overlooked. Premier is now a name they stock, and in the spotlight here are the Premier Plus Shooting Glasses, which are the real McCoy for shooters who take safety seriously.

The Premier Plus

specification includes the main frames, five different coloured lenses, wide nose grips and an additional prescription lens holder. The glasses come supplied in their own neat zip up case, and this has individual soft slips for each lens, as well as a belt clip to keep everything somewhere to hand.

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For the indecisive, the choice of five different coloured lenses could be tricky, but for myself, to be honest, I just wanted as near to clear as possible to allow for a full view with no dimming of the subject. As well as chronograph duties, my glasses will also double for straight protection against high-speed insects on bike rides, so this is a nice feature, where the brightness of a fine day doesn’t want to be lost.

All the lenses are contructed from 2mm optical grade lightweight polycarbonate, and are impact-resistant. They also come specified as UV400, offering maximum protection against UV rays. The five colours, red, yellow, blue, black, and clear, were chosen to enhance contrast in various conditions, and having discussed this with Rangesports, their dealings with several Olympic grade shooters has revealed that personal taste plays a big part, with the full range of colours finding favour.

Changing the lenses is actually quite simple, and whilst I was initially confused, in the absence of any guidance notes, a careful pull in the centre, along with a twisting motion, soon releases the lens from the frame. A wide rubber nose grip (anti-allergenic temple fitting), contoured to provide a comfortable, shake-free fit, is all part of the design, which also helps to avoid the stress that can cause headaches, according to the manufacturers. Stability is ensured, when following fast moving targets, when clay shooting for example.

As for those neat additional prescription lens frames, the idea is that if and when required, an optician can fit lenses of your choice. This assembly then sits behind the main frame.

Safety First

So there we have it – quite the best shooting specs that I’ve encountered; cleverly designed, for serious work. A microfibre cleaning cloth is also supplied and, overall, the Premier Plus Shooting Glasses certainly get my thumbs up. In fact I’ve even put my money where my mouth is on this one!

NAME: Premier Plus Shooting Glasses
PRICE: RRP £29.95
CONTACT: Rangesports,  01202 854634, www.rangesports.com

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  • Premier Plus Shooting Glasses by Vanessa English - image {image:count}

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  • Premier Plus Shooting Glasses by Vanessa English - image {image:count}

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