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4 Ridiculous Guns

  • 1


    Check out this bad boy, it weighs 45kg and is a working scaled up copy of a Remington model 1859. I wander if anyone makes a holster for it?

  • 2


    At the other end of the scale we have a fully functioning mini Thompson Sub machine gun. I have no idea why this exists but I am pleased it does!

  • 3


    How can we improve the Colt 1911 design....I know! Why not manufacture two joined together? Yes it exists and yes people are buying them.

  • 4


    Now this rather large beast can normally be found in the good old A10 tank buster. Firing a 30mm projectile at a cyclic rate of 4,200 rounds per minute.................I think we all would like to have a go.


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