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7 of the Best Pistols you can buy in the UK



    GERMAN SPORT GUN GSG 1911 Edgar Brothers Ltd, The GSG is based on the Colt 1911 A1 but with an ambidextrous safety, bobbed commander hammer and upswept grip safety. The capacity is 10-shots and the trigger pull is adjustable. It offers a single-action mechanism as in the hammer must be manually cocked for the first shot. Being a Colt clone most of the go faster bits – extended controls and scope mounts can be fitted.

  • GLOCK SRC - 17

    GLOCK SRC - 17

    GLOCK SRC - 17 Suffolk Rifle Co, Well more a Glock-U-like as the slide is made by Tac-Sol though it uses a Glockstyle lower. The design does not have a manual safety and offers a sort of doubleaction (D/A) pull for every shot; though a trigger blade safety is incorporated that is operated as the finger makes contact.



    GRAND POWER K22 Caledonian Classic Arms, Czech-made the K22 uses a polymer grip frame and is a sort of cross between a CZ75 and a Beretta 92F. The K22 has an open slide with basic iron sights and the X-Trim a closed design with lightening cuts, adjustable rear sight and extended controls.



    IVER JOHNSON 1911 Low Mill Ranges, As the name suggests this is a Colt 1911 A1 made by Iver Johnson. Low Mill offers two versions; the standard 1911 without the dummy can and the Bianchi Cup in stainless with dummy moddy, scope base, barricade wings and all the go faster controls and features.



    VOLQUARTSON CARBON AND V6 Stockade Products, Volquartson offers a custom version of Ruger’s Mk III .22 semi-auto pistol. Through Stockade Products they build a UK-spec gun for top end competition use in either the full lug, stainless V6 or the carbonfibre wrapped Carbon and Match models. Options include Picatinny base and or iron sights and everything is tuned and tweaked as you might imagine. These are no military look-a-likes but the real deal for ultimate performance.



    UBERTI BUNTLINE Henry Krank & Co Ltd, The Uberti Buntline LBR is their Cattleman (Colt 1873 Peacemaker) S/A revolver, with a 19” barrel and more target-orientated sights. It’s a gate loading, hand ejecting (one at a time) build with wood grips, good blueing and a colour case-hardened frame. Uberti also offers a wide range of the more popular reproduction cap & ball revolvers of the mid-1800s. Colt Dragoon, Walker Navy, Army and Pocket models, Remington New Model Army (NMA) in traditional blue.



    BROWNING BUCKMARK LBP Westlake Engineering, Alan Westlake is a talented engineer and has been offering his .22 Browning Buckmark LBP which is a modified version of the 18” Buckmark semi-auto rifle. Available in a number of options – grips, barrel and finish it’s topped and tailed to conform to the 12/24 requirement and is a shootable piece. He also produces a pair of muzzle-loading, nitro-powered, DA revolvers, which run on modern pistol powders ignited by shotgun primers.


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