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9 Must Have Firearm Accessories

  • 1. The PROTSC Tactical gun bags represent great quality. They are priced from £26 to £66 depending on what size you decide on. That could be the 26.5” case suitable for long barrelled pistols or the 47” case for full sized rifles. The one featured is the 36.5” which is perfect for AR type rifles.

  • 2. Want to protect your sound moderator? Well Napier have developed a product called SILENSAVE which is specifically developed to protect the internals of your moderator from corrosion. The heat generated from firing even helps the chemicals bond to the internals!

  • 3. AIM Field Sports have been manufacturing drag bags for a while now and have a great reputation. The 40 Tactical Dragbag is no different– a very impressive design made from 1000-denier cordura. Your rifle will be safe in one of these!

  • 4. The Inteliscope Pro Tactical Rifle Adapter, a novel idea from America. It allows the user to mount either a iPhones or Android phone to your rifle and then to use it as a digital riflescope! You simply download the free app which also contains a ballistic package.

  • 5. I own a pair of Lowa Mountain Boots and they are one tough and practical piece of footwear! Used by various military forces around the globe including the UK you cant go wrong with a pair if these. Priced from £181.99 they are well worth the money, mine have lasted for YEARS!

  • 6. Fancy a Blaser Carbon Bipod for your R8 Professional Success? This product is essentially an adaptation of the Spartan Javelin bipod but tailored specifically for the Blaser. The two blend together nicely! Priced form £349.

  • 7. The Olivon 7 x 30WP and Visionary 10 x 42 Wetland binoculars from Optical Hardware are a good bet. Representing good quality and good value. Priced at just £109.99 you cant go wrong!

  • 8. The CENS ProFlex Hunter digital hearing protectors represent the Rollys Royce of ear plugs. I have had the opportunity to trial some and they are very good indeed. Importantly the moulds are the most comfortable out there. 220 hours of continuous use, water resistant and different modes to compensate for ambient noise. If the price of £649 is too much then check out their passive elements priced at around £100 including moulds.

  • 9. With long range shooting becoming more and more popular there is the need to judge wind speed,direction and ambient temperature accurately. This is where the Kestrel Sportsman Weather Centre comes in, allowing you to put all the relevant data into a firing solution. With an on-board ballistic calculator the excuses for missing are running out fast!