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Heard of the NRA? Here are 4 Disciplines you should have a go at!

  • Here are 4 Disciplines you should have a go at!

    Here are 4 Disciplines you should have a go at!

    1. F-Class evolved from Target Rifle (TR) shooting and may be fired in any calibre up to 8mm. This discipline allows the use of bipods, telescopic sights etc and was originally intended to allow TR shooters with eyesight or other physical problems to carry on in the sport by allowing greater freedom in optical sights, rifle rests etc. It has now, however, developed into a new discipline in its own right. If you want to shoot out to 1000 yards then give F-Class a go!

  • 2. Practical/Civilian Service Rifle is one of the most exciting disciplines available. The Courses of fire are devised by the individual match organiser, and usually involve a physical element (e.g. a 500 to 100 yard run down firing two shots every 100 yards). Matches may involve deliberate, timed and snap shooting, and may involve rapid reloading or changing of magazines. Competitions are usually fired on disruptive pattern targets. You will find straight pull AR-15 rifles are very popular in this discipline, the reasons for this will become apparent very quickly!

  • 3. Practical Shotgun is a fast moving sport best described as short range biathlon where the competitor is required to shoot a varying number of metal plates, paper targets or clay pigeons spread out in non-repeating positions positions over varying distances. Simply put the shooter who clears the course of fire in the shortest time wins! There are various classes you can compete in and you will see some very interesting section 1 shotguns being used!

  • 4. Gallery Rifle and Pistol (GR&P) discipline covers events shot at short and medium distances by various rifles and pistols. Many of the events are classified so competitors shoot against others of similar ability. There are four types of firearm and the most commonly used are semi-automatic .22 rifles, lever action rifles, semi-automatic .22 long barrelled pistols and long barrelled revolvers. The majority of events are shot at distances between 10m and 50m, with a few going out to 300yd. There is a large selection which only requires a range of 25m.