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John Rigby & Co. launches special edition Big Game rifle

  • London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has unveiled the first of its three highly anticipated special edition Big Game rifles.

    Made in consultation with Professional Hunters in Africa, the ‘PH’ version of the multi-award-winning Big Game rifle has been designed as a utilitarian, hardwearing gun for the field with a price point that is considerably lower than the standard Big Game rifle.

  • The Single Square Bridge model is available in .416” and .450” Rigby calibres, and is designed for use with express sights only. The action is fitted with the classic three-position flag safety and choice of either a 22" stepped barrel or 24" lightweight barrel. Overall weight, unloaded, is 10lb 8oz, stock length 141/2” including a rubber recoil pad.

  • The Double Square Bridge model is produced in .375” H&H and .416” Rigby calibres and with a 24” lightweight barrel this rifle is ideally suited for use with a telescopic sight. The Winchester style safety is in the horizontal position to facilitate the fitting of a variety of mounting systems on the machined bridges. Weight of the rifle unloaded is 10lb and stock length 14½” including red rubber recoil pad.

  • The ‘PH’ Big Game rifle does not feature colour hardening or flame bluing, but comes with a grade 2 wooden stock and hand chequered single panel bolt handle. It has a robust, ergonomic stock shape with higher comb for better fit and absorption of recoil, plasma nitride finish to all metal surfaces resulting in a resilient, anti-glare and rust-resistant finish.

  • Rigby express sights dovetailed directly onto the rib with a single fixed V and 2 folding leaves zeroed at 65, 150 and 250 yards and Rigby pattern magazine floor plate that allows the .416 rifles to hold four rounds in the magazine and another in the chamber. With hand engraved finishing touches, case hardened recoil bars and heat-blued extractor, this exceptional value rifle is a landmark in modern sporting firearms manufacturing.

  • Other special edition models will be announced in coming weeks. Price: From UK £6,285 / US $10,995 inc VAT For more information, visit: www.johnrigbyandco.com