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Three Affordable Night Vision Units

  • 1. The Night Master Atom is a compact digital scope add-on that can be used day or night! The advantage being that you no longer need a dedicated night vision rifle. Team the atom up with a good IR illuminator and you will be able to use it out to 150m. Perfect for air guns and rimfire rifles. Prices start at £499.96

  • 2. Here we have a dedicated digital night vision unit called the Yukon Photon XT 6.5x50. Prices start from just £419.95! It even comes with a built in illuminator, though I would recommend buying a dedicated one at some point as the effective range and battery life are significantly improved! With one attached you will be looking at around a 150m effective range.

  • 3. Not a scope this time but a monocular and a really good one at that! This is the Pulsar Recon 870 and it is priced from £349.96. I was very impressed when I first had a look through one of these. It is worth keeping an eye out for open days that some shops run as this may well give you an opportunity to try one yourself. This monocular really does bring nightvision to the masses.


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