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  • Introducing the Pro Flood 900 Rechargeable Head-a-lite (HL18) A RECHARGEABLE SEARCH LIGHT FOR YOUR HEAD WITH NO GIMMICKS, JUST SHEER POWER

    ‘Clulite’ Products, Petersfield are pleased to introduce their new 900 Lumen Head Light with incredible power illuminating up to 400 metres. The HL18 has a large (90mm) head to utilise the extra power obtained from the 10w LED giving a brilliant light output.

  • Extra high capacity Li-ion rechargeable batteries are used to power this super efficient head light which has 3 power modes (low - medium & high) to cater for a variety of uses running up to 8 hours on the high beam and 16 hours on low. Recharge time is approx. 10 hours from a fully discharged condition. All of these features create a competitively priced top of the range head light with a multitude of uses and is unrivalled for output and beam HL18 Pro Flood 900 Rechargeable Head-a-lite - RRP £42.00 + VAT

  • For further information please contact our sales team on 01730 264672 or email your enquiry to [email protected] ‘Clulite’ have been manufacturing & distributing high powered rechargeable torches and gun lights for over 40 years. For our complete range please visit our website: www.cluson.co.uk