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Air Arms S510 wins Airgun for the Year 2020 once again

  • The Air Arms S510 sporter has won Airgun of the Year in the Great British Shooting Awards​ for the second consecutive year. Held at the British Shooting Show in Birmingham on 15 February, Air Arms beat four other leading airgun brands to claim the top spot. Available in .177 and .22, the S510 is all about quiet precision. With its side-lever cocking and loading system effortlessly presenting each pellet to the barrel, it’s easy to cycle the S510’s action without even taking your eye from the scope. Accuracy is the foundation of all Air Arms rifles so expect impressively tight groups at all realistic hunting ranges, with plenty of potential in reserve. Inside the S510 its balanced firing valve meters the power, promoting the consistency so vital for accurate and totally dependable shooting. Air Arms’ Managing Director, Claire West, commented: “We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and those people who voted for Air Arms, we could not have won without you. Thank you also to the team back at Air Arms HQ, your hard work and dedication has paid off once again!”

  • Visit;www.air-arms.co.uk