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Air Arms Win the 2015 UKAHFT Manufacturers Award

  • For the second year running, Air Arms Manufacturers and talented Team Members receive the recognition they deserve with the 2015 UKAHFT Manufacturers Award. After being crowned the winners of the Manufacturers title at the 2014 UKAHFT National Series, Air Arms are thrilled to triumph once again with the 2015 winning title. Just two points shy of achieving maximum points, Air Arms scored an impressive total that bestowed them with the prestigious award at the 2015 UKAHFT Series ‘Gathering’.

  • Team Member Charles Peal presented Air Arms with the award and on receiving the accolade, Air Arms Managing Director Claire West shared a few words: “To win this title for the second year running is truly phenomenal. There is some tough competition out there but our amazing team of HFT shooters proved themselves to be the greatest, again! Our sincerest thanks go to the Air Arms HFT team for their outstanding achievements this season. Special thanks go out to Team Captain Pete Sparkes, and to all the other Air Arms shooters on the circuit. Without the amazing support from you all, the winning of this title would not have been possible. Thank you!”

  • Following such a successful season, 2016 looks to be even bigger and better and we can’t wait of the season to kick in! A huge congratulations goes out to everyone involved. To find out more about UKAHFT please visit: https://sites.google.com/site/ukahft/