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Leading UK Game Processors Pledge to only use British Game Alliance Assured Shoots from Next Season

  • Four of the UK’s leading game processors will only collect game from British Game Alliance (BGA) assured shoots next season. Peterborough Game, Braehead Foods, Vicars Game and The Lincolnshire Game Company have all made the decision to only collect from BGA assured shoots next season, to meet the quality assurance demands of their clients. This means millions of more birds will come under the BGA assurance scheme for the season ahead. Operating from as far as Scotland to Cornwall, the four leading UK Game Processors signed up to support the BGA back in 2018 and have since paved the way for a traceable game meat market with the help of the BGA’s shoot assurance scheme. The assurance scheme ensures processors have clear, documented regulation on likes of animal welfare and environmental impact, ensuring game meets the same standard as all other proteins in the marketplace.

  • Craig Stevenson, Managing Director of Braehead Foods said, “Braehead Foods has been processing and supplying Scottish game to chefs across the UK and Europe for over 30 years, and we are proud to be part of the British Game Alliance assurance scheme. In 2019, we only collected game from BGA audited estates and will continue with this throughout 2020. Not only are the BGA promoting the consumption of game, they are ensuring by using approved auditors that the highest standards of animal welfare and game handling are practiced by their audited estates from hatchery to plate. Craig continued, “Collecting and processing game from BGA approved shoots gives Braehead Foods the confidence that the game we supply is high quality while offering consumers confidence in the provenance and total traceability of the game they eat.”

  • Richard Bennett, Managing Director of Peterborough Game said “Peterborough Game is delighted to see the improved quality of game birds we collected from BGA assured shoots last season. We support the BGAs aims and so will only process feathered game from BGA Assured Shoots next season in order to give our customers confidence in the provenance of the products.” Alan Hayward, Managing Director of Vicars Game said “The BGA has played an important part in growing the demand for game along with encouraging shoots to take more care of their game. We are proud to be working closely with the BGA and will be asking all our shoots to consider joining the BGA before next season as we believe it will be securing the game industry’s future.”

  • Tristan Kirk, Director of Lincolnshire Game said: “We have decided to work closely with the BGA as their assurance scheme, run by Acoura, is working well and needs to be rolled out to all estates serious about providing game meat to the food industry. There is no room for unregulated proteins in today's modern food safety aware times. Food safety has always been our top priority and we have been working closely with the FSA to improve standards throughout the industry. Moving forward we are requesting all of our suppliers to be BGA members.” Tom Adams, Managing Director of the BGA said, “The BGA is delighted to have the full support of four of the UK’s leading Game Processors who’ve pledged to only collect game from BGA assured shoots, in order to continue to create a stronger market for game. It’s hugely positive to see the significant interest and now demand from the food industry for BGA assured game and it’s great that these processors are pushing to meet those demands.”

  • Visit; www.britishgamealliance.co.uk