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Leica has unveiled the latest addition to the Geovid rangefinders

  • No need to choose between conventional binoculars or a rangefinder any more thanks to Leica’s new Geovid R models

    Leica has unveiled the latest addition to its market-leading family of Geovid rangefinders with a new, high quality, entry-level binocular. The latest addition – the Geovid R –combines the benefits of Leica’s superior optical performance and proven laser technology with an incomparably reasonable price. With a wide field of view and edge-to-edge sharpness, the Geovid R is ideal both for scanning broad terrain and identifying small details. In poor light, the 56mm models impress with maximum light-gathering performance, high resolving power, and a large exit pupil. For ease of reading, LED display brightness adjusts automatically to ambient lighting.

  • For toughness, the die-cast aluminium chassis and eyepieces are enclosed in impact-absorbing armouring; combined with an ergonomic shape, this provides outstanding grip and comfortable viewing. The Leica Geovid R displays linear distances at a range of up to 1,100 metres (1,200 yards). All models also feature an EHR ballistics function that allows users to display the equivalent horizontal range for angled shots at distances from 10 metres/yards to 550 metres/600 yards, giving significantly greater certainty of an well placed shot.

  • No previous knowledge of ballistics or pre-programming is required when using the EHR function. The display appears at the single press of a button. Marcus Zeidler, Head of Product Management Leica Sport Optics, commented: “With the newly developed Leica Geovid R models, we concentrate on our core values: high-performance optical systems, maximum optical and mechanical reliability, precise distance measurement and rock solid ballistics.

  • Thanks to highly efficient manufacturing processes and concentration on essentials, we have been able to create a product with unique performance for the asking price. No one will have to choose between conventional binoculars or a rangefinder any more.” For all PR enquiries contact: Selena Barr / Phone: 07970521956 / [email protected]