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LSF Christmas Special offer - Early Bird tickets

  • The shooting season is now in full swing and we are continually excited by how amazing the camaraderie is with shooting friend.

  • I feel its really the kindred spirit and the joy of sharing those classic moments over a sloegasm or just in the shoot truck.

  • It’s difficult to describe this to people outside the sport, but we feel it’s important to spread the word and bring as many people into fieldsports as possible.

  • The more people who informed about our world the less controversy there will be against shooting in the countryside.

  • For this reason we have set up the London Shooting Fair to encourage new people to participate in our wonderful sport. Spread the word tickets available on line, could be a good stocking filler! https://fixr.co/event/956971012

  • Early Bird Tickets are now on sale. Click the link below to get your 25% discount.


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