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New B525 Trap One: get more for less!

  • “Excellence for everyone.”

    The engineers in Browning R&D always bore this principle in mind when designing the B525 Sporter and Trap shotguns. The B525’s unfailing reliability makes it a winner with every expert. The secret is its superb action frame.

  • This year, the B525 Trap is making way for the B525 Trap One. The aim is to give you more for less. The B525 Trap One comes with two major improvements. The first is its versatility, thanks to the four Invector+ interchangeable chokes. And the B525 Trap One will also delight shooters who like a touch of style, with its name "Trap One" finely engraved on the receiver

  • The B525 Trap One is available in a left-hand version and with a 76 or 81 cm barrel at a recommended price of £ 1,485. For more information, visit : WWW.BROWNING.EU