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New Show date for the CINEY MILITARIA show

  • Following the federal government's announcements regarding Covid-19, the April edition is exceptionally postponed to June 14, 2020.

  • The largest Selection of military objects in Europe! It is the benchmark at European level, a real phenomenon. More than 600 exhibitors from all over Europe (Germany, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, UK, Switzerland), Featuring 5 kilometers of tables and more than 12,000 visitors from all over the world. It is hard to imagine that it all started with the revival of a modest regional stock exchange, which at the time attracted a few hundred curious people, but the internet quickly made the Cinacian meeting popular, since militaria collectors prefer to see, touch, and examine the item, while favouring direct contact with the seller. Add flawless organization, as well as the very strict respect of the legal obligations which frame and govern the vast world of the collection of military objects. All essential attributes for the international success of the demonstration, which is held twice per year in the capital of Condroz. The visitors who walk the aisles of Ciney Expo and the Covered Market are of course not just browsers, they are true enthusiasts, peaceful collectors, who sometimes come from far away to complete an often very specialized collection. There are uniforms, helmets, medals, badges, flags, spare parts, various objects but also engravings, books, postcards, photographs and other old documents. As you can imagine, the commemorations of the centenary of the First World War gave new visibility to the world of militaria and to the work of safeguarding and remembering carried out by collectors. These enthusiasts are therefore in high demand to help set up exhibitions and develop new museums.

  • Visit; www.cineyexpo.be