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Night Master have developed a new range of hunting lamps

  • The new Night Master NM1 range of hunting lamps has been developed through 10 years of research and collaboration with shooters. There are three models; the CL, SL and XL. The CL has the smallest head for shorter range work and XL has the largest for long range illumination, with the new design centered around how shooters use lights. When scope-mounted it makes sense for all the functions to be at the rear of the lamp. Users will now be able to switch the unit on/off, adjust brightness, beam focus, set the IR indicator light, use the lock-out function and also be notified of low battery power, all from the rear. They all include a 30mm main body so that it can be used with variety of mounts and the high-power; white, red, amber, green, blue IR 850, IR940 and UV LED's can be changed by hand, without any tools. Features at a glance: Focusing from the tail-cap: more efficient and easier than focusing the head Intelligent tail-cap: includes quiet on/off, a rotary dimmer switch for smooth brightness control, IR light indicator, lock-out function and low battery indicator 30mm body – fits into many standard mounts, including Night Master’s fully adjustable mount LEDs can be quickly changed by hand – no tools required High power LEDs include white, red, amber, green, blue IR 850, IR940 and UV.

  • Visit; www.nightmaster.co.uk