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  • The GTA, together with the other shooting organisations of the British Shooting Sports Council, have been lobbying to open-up shooting grounds across the country. I am delighted to report that we feel the conditions are now in place for shooting grounds and ranges to return to operation under strict adherence to the Government’s ‘COVID-19 Secure’ guidelines. It is not a return to normal and grounds should not open where the guidelines cannot be met. Retail outlets at shooting grounds cannot open to the public until further relaxations forecast for June. Ammunition can be provided using the model in the poster below.

  • I remind you of the my previous ‘Recovery Plan’ update links: ‘COVID-19 Secure’ HERE, and specific workplace guidance HERE. You will need to have completed a risk assessment and be displaying the signed poster HERE.

  • The main points for planning are: Limited number of people on the ground at any one time – by appointment to avoid threats to social distancing. Establish a booking schedule now and record attendance. Club houses must be closed to shooters Shared surfaces – e.g. trap operation must have appropriate cleaning facilities – e.g. sanitiser. Shoot and go policy (Turn up at appointed time, park, shoot and go. No social.) Additional extract from government advice: Steps that will usually be needed: Providing signage to inform the public as to the course of business. Providing signage at entrances to remind the public and workers to maintain social distancing. Providing signage on rights of way that cross your workplace to remind the public to maintain social distancing. Establishing staff responsibilities relating to COVID-19, providing any necessary training for people who act as hosts for visitors. Further guidance will be available from the CPSA and NRA.