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Long-Range Revolution - ZEISS adds the V8 4.8-35x60 riflescope to the VICTORY V8 line

  • ZEISS have long been challenging the limits with our developing use of technology.

    Reticles have become increasingly fine, optical instruments ever brighter and imaging performance increasingly better. With the new VICTORY V8 4.8-35x60, ZEISS has once again delivered an optical masterpiece. This riflescope is intended for long-range hunting: be it in the mountains or wide-open terrain, the new VICTORY V8 overcomes barriers and helps hunters succeed even at long distances.

  • The 60 mm lens diameter makes the VICTORY V8 extremely bright and an ideal companion, even in twilight. The new model provides hunters and marksmen with impressive magnification of up to 35x: the smallest targets are seen in high contrast and are highly detailed. The optical system on the VICTORY V8 also impresses with maximum detail rendition thanks to its combination of HT and FL concepts, and also comes standard with parallax compensation. The latest VICTORY V8 from ZEISS therefore unites the properties of the most flexible riflescope on the market with those of a spotting scope.

  • Combined with the BDC Competition and the laterally adjustable bullet drop compensator, the new VICTORY V8 4.8-35x60 is the ultimate long-distance shot solution. Unlike its little brothers, the BDC Competition is broken down into half-centimeter clicks. As a result, it is even more precise at long range and provides shooters with added reliability. Comfortable optics and the large exit pupil facilitate fast target acquisition as soon as the weapon is raised.

  • Proven properties of the ZEISS VICTORY V8 line As with its predecessors, there is an intuitive multifunction knob on top of the eyepiece – the intelligent switch for the illumination concept: the full-transmission reticle technology features the smallest illuminated dot in the world. It is three-to four times finer, meaning it is more precise than anything else. State-of-the-art light guides and production processes in the nano range enabled ZEISS engineers to manufacture this masterpiece.

  • A revolutionary and intelligent motion sensor, typical of the V8, is also very practical and has been incorporated in the new VICTORY V8 4.8-35x60. It very reliably ensures that the illuminated dot is automatically activated when the weapon is brought into position, enabling hunters to fully concentrate on their targets at all times. Users no longer have to fear unreliable electronics, even in extremely cold conditions. The ZEISS VICTORY V8 illumination concept is considerably more efficient than standard systems on the market and works even at very low voltage. Furthermore, because it is a ZEISS product, everything can be controlled with maximum precision even when the user is wearing thick winter gloves.

  • A central button on the multifunction knob ensures fast activation and the surrounding control wheel enables direct continuous adjustment of the illuminated dot intensity. This means that tedious pressing to increase or decrease the brightness of the dot is no longer required.

  • The ZEISS VICTORY V8 4.8-35x60 riflescope is available with two different reticles: Reticle 60 - Extremely fine and bright illuminated dot It lies in the second image plane and guarantees a constantly fine reticle throughout the magnification range – resulting in minimal target subtension and noticeably higher shot accuracy.

  • Reticle 43 with illuminated dot - The ultimate long-distance shot reticle At maximum magnification, the finest illuminated dot in the world features subtension of no more than 2 mm at 100 m. At 30x magnification, the characteristic dots on the reticle are exactly 10 cm apart at 100 m. Furthermore, information about the range to the target can be obtained because the angle between the dots is just 10 cm/100 M. Because only the dot is illuminated in the inner crosshairs, this reticle can also be optimally used deep into the twilight.

  • BDC Competition - The finest clicks for even more precision The new BDC Competition makes the bullet drop compensator concept even more precise. Thanks to the ultrafine 0.5 cm clicks, the new BDC from ZEISS is the most accurate long-range shot solution ever produced by ZEISS. With a complete set of 10 engraved metal rings, the new BDC Competition ensures maximum flexibility. These rings cover virtually all loads available on the market and enable maximum hunting distances for ranges up to 600 meters. The new BDC Competition is only available for the 4.8-35x60.

  • UK Press Contact: Karen Howorth Group Marketing Manager [email protected] Tel: 01223 401468