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UK Specialist Firearms have partnered up to produce some .375 Cheytac ammunition

  • UK Specialist Firearms and NDH Firearms have partnered up to introduce the .375 Cheytac round to the UK. The new ammunition will be produced in conjunction with HPS Ltd, who are responsible for production and CIP batch testing. The rounds will be manufactured using Peterson brass cases imported from the USA and there will be two bullet options. These include the Sierra HPBT 350-grain or the single feed, laser-tipped, hollow point, Cutting Edge 375-grain bullet. A configuration that is currently being shot in competition out to two miles in the USA. As the UK importer of Victrix and other precision rifles, UK Specialist Firearms can offer a complete solution to extreme long range shooting, with rifle prices starting at just over £7K.

  • Visit; www.specailist-firearms.com