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HFT Diary: Northern Delight.

HFT Diary: Northern Delight.

As I mentioned last month, the HFT Masters Series has sadly been pulled from this year’s schedule, due to unforeseen circumstances. However, their one flagship event, the Championship at the Northern Shooting Show, did go ahead as planned in mid-May, and was a massive success.

Great vibes

Having now attended this show for the last few years, I have to say that the atmosphere really does take some beating. Something in the charm of the venue of course, with massive exhibition halls to contain all the trade along with balconies, overlooking manicured lawns and the beautiful landscape. I sailed through the pretty lanes and arrived on site just as the show was coming to life. I was relieved to arrive in one piece, after a showering of sizeable car parts flew through the air, seemingly out of nowhere had played havoc with my vehicle on the A1 getting up there!

Shaken up for sure, but after a soothing mug of tea and a quick wind down we were soon enjoying the show, despite intermittent and sometimes heavy showers on the Saturday. Come Sunday, the morning of our HFT shoot, we were met with blazing sun, and that fantastic winding course, along the high ridge of ground that we get to play on, lay in wait for the 100 or so enthusiasts that had descended.

I’m fast coming to the opinion that this is my favourite event, given the spectacle of shooting down a grassy ravine, under a picket fence, across a lake and through blossom covered trees. The feel of the shoot is fairly unique, and I’ve likened it before, to playing a round of golf but the photogenic qualities of the venue overall, just take some beating. Mastering the wind was no easy task mind you and, just as last year, several notable names on the circuit ran aground, as the tricky breeze played havoc with our patience.

D’eja vu

Hold on a moment, this all seemed familiar, as just as last year, I finished on a 51ex 60, which as it happened was highly respectable and just as last year was only one target off third place. Damn! Never mind, a confidence boost at least after some dismal results. Congratulations to Mr Gavyn Jones of course, who on a superb 58, left all his rivals for dead. A strong second too from Jake Miller, who is from my club. I’ve tipped in these pages for great things, and he shows no sign of letting me down! Also, a big hearty thanks to Ian Bainbridge, Roger Lait, and Ray Hampton, at HFT Masters and all the sponsors for all their hard graft to make this event so very enjoyable.


Open Tier 1:

1st Gavyn Jones 58
2nd Jake Miller - 55
3rd Jim Cavanagh – 52
Roger Lait – 52
Gordon Burns – 52
Thomas Scott – 52
Mark Camoccio – 51
Mick Dakin – 51
Gary Kerr – 51
Amy Puckrin – 50

Next up

Just the very next weekend saw round two of the UK Nationals, this time at Cambridge, a venue where I have had mixed results over the years. Lingering fog set the atmosphere early on, but as it rapidly burnt off, we were left to navigate yet another stunning course, as targets were laid throughout the large copse, and around wheat fields. Again, an intermittent breeze played with our fortunes, but overall the conditions were about as good as we could expect. The course was challenging, but three shooters made it look easy, posting superb clear rounds; with Elliot Compton emerging the victor after a shootoff. Given that he came second in round one, he’s off to a blistering start for sure.


Open Tier 2:

Ian OHara
Chris Hepworth
Chris Donnelly

Veteran Tier 1:  Veteran Tier 2:

Bill Kerr, Dave Gallagher
Dave Welham, Frank McManus
Richard Blackshire, Bernard Todd

Ladies Tier 1: Ladies Tier 2:

story continues below...

Thea Batey, Amy Puckerin
Jo Thorpe, Marie Sharp
Christine, Christie

.22 Tier 1: .22 Tier 2:

Peter Muir, Phil Thorburn
Simon Harrison, Jeremy Isaacs
Simon Battye, Geoff Baldwin

Recoiling Tier 1: Recoiling Tier 2:

Mark Harris, Jonathan Franklin
Bevan Quinn, Brian Connelly
John Bottomley

Junior Tier 2: (No Tier 1 Juniors)

Amy Dobbie
Callum Clarke
Bradley Pickerin

En rouge

Another date for the diary has to be 18th August 2019, as Ian Bainbridge has contacted us to confirm that he has been asked to stage a 30-target HFT course down in Cornwall. He is well known for his involvement with HFT Masters and he is at pains to point out that he will personally be setting the course. The competition is the Cornwall Red Squirrel Challenge, to be held at Dudley College, in Callington, Cornwall and proceeds will go towards the Cornwall Red Squirrel Project. Entry is £10 and this also includes a raffle on the day. For further details and to book a place, call Ian Bainbridge on 07792442372 or email [email protected]


Open Class: 1st Elliot Compton 60ex60 2nd Joff Haigh 60 3rd Tony Male 60
Primary: 1st Rhyley Minney 46
Junior 14-16: 1st Ewan Pantling 57
Ladies: 1st Laura McLennan 57
Recoiling: 1st Steve Whiting 56
.22 Class: 1st Jason Lockett 55
Veteran 1st Mike Burgess 55
Top Manufacturers Team: Steyr
Top Club Team: Misfits

UKAHFT national series, remaining events:

Round 3 22nd June Rivington Rifles, nr Bolton
Round 4 23rd June Rivington Rifles
Round 5 20th July Maldon (M.A.D.), Essex
Round 6 21st July Maldon (M.A.D.), Essex
Round 7 17th Aug Furnace Mill, Shropshire
Round 8 18th Aug Nomads, Shropshire
Round 9 20th Oct Quarry, South Wales
UKAHFT World HFT Championship- Midland

Game Fair, Weston Park, Shropshire, 14th& 15th September 2019

HFT Masters World HFT Championships, Kalety, Poland , 22nd & 23rd June 2019, still taking place as we understand

For pre-booking application forms and downloads regarding established UKAHFT events (where bookings are possible), and all the latest information on anything connected with Hunter Field Target shooting, take a look at the following websites: https://sites.google.com/site/ukahft/ www.shooting-the-breeze.com https://sites.google.com/site/whfta1/ www.whfto.com


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