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Top 5 Precision PCP’s for the hunter

Pete Wadeson talks us through his top 5 Precision PCP’s for the hunter

Like many hunters, I choose to use multi-shot PCP air rifles and where possible those that come ready supplied with a moderator or the facility to easily fit one. Due to their inherent lack of recoil, a silenced PCP is capable of very precise shot placement, offers a quick backup shot when and if required, plus is also deadly silent in use.

Incidentally, some of the rifles featured are also available with a regulated action. This means they have an air regulator that precisely ‘meters’ out the air for each and every shot, resulting in them being more air efficient and having a high level of shot-to-shot consistency. Because of this, I’ve specifically noted when and where this applies. If not, the rifle more often has what is termed a self-regulating valve system.

  • BSA R-10 TH

    BSA R-10 TH

    Released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the R-10, the ambidextrous, thumbhole, walnut Minelli stock features a ‘soft touch’ height-adjustable cheekpiece and a multi-adjustable rubber butt pad. The slim neck gives way to the steep drop-down pistol grip with palm swell, while the wellproportioned forend tapers to an elongated Schnabel tip. Panels of well-cut chequering adorn the sides of the grip, forend and cover the underside. Sling swivel studs are also pre-fitted at the factory.

    A recommended fill pressure of 232bar gives 280 full power shots in .177 and 340 in .22 calibre from the regulated action. A stylish button-sized air gauge is recessed into the underside of the stock.

    The Bolas bolt runs the 10-shot, selfactuating removable magazine, which is held in its housing by a retaining catch. The 2-stage, semi-match grade trigger is adjustable and there is a manual safety catch rear/left of the action. The highly efficient CCS (Customer Configurable Shroud) suppression system works in harmony to ensure there’s an incredibly low report.

    Contact: BSA Guns - www.bsaguns.co.uk

    Price: £999



    The company’s most radically styled hunter boasts an ambidextrous laminate stock. This features a height/angle/laterally adjustable cheekpiece, as well as a sliding rubber butt pad with length adjust spacers. The slab-sided forend curves upwards towards a straight section that has an angled end tip. Here an integral recessed accessory rail is set into the underside, plus it comes ready fitted with sling swivel studs. A mix of scalloping/finger grooves and stippling are seen both front and rear to aid grip.

    The recommended 190bar fill returns approximately 60 shots in .177 and 80 in .22 from the unregulated version, but a regulated model is also available. There’s also a colour highlighted manometer set into the underside.

    A side-lever runs the 10-shot rotary magazine and the 2-stage trigger is adjustable plus includes a safety catch. The semi-free-floating Lothar Walther barrel is fully shrouded and holds a primary silencer while the screw cut muzzle comes ready fitted with the company’s Q-Tec Silencer.

    Contact: Air Arms - www.air-arms.co.uk

    Price: £1029



    This full production model is available in various versions and two stock options, including Turkish Walnut or Black Laminate. The ambidextrous stock features a heightadjustable cheekpiece and angle adjust butt pad. The neck is quite slim, while the grip has forward finger ridging and stippling. The forend is quite chunky with a recess fluted channel, while the front extends under the 480cc CFC buddy bottle.

    The electronically regulated, Mapped Compensation Technology action and a 223bar fill, return 475 shots in .22 calibre and 420 in .177. All functions and systems are clearly displayed in the LCD display on the left side of the stock.

    A side-lever with a biathlon-style handle runs a 10-shot auto-indexing rotary magazine. The 2-stage electronic trigger has a manual safety positioned at the rear of the action. There’s also a mechanism integrated into the rifle that prevents double-loading.

    The free-floating Lothar Walther tube is shrouded by a carbon fibre sleeve and the muzzle is threaded ½” UNF

    Contact: Daystate - www.daystate.com

    Price: £1949



    As per the name, this Superlite is the lightened version of the S510K. The weight loss is due to the stock design and timber-type and Minelli manufacture the furniture using Poplar Wood, which is available in three ‘finishes’ of Hunter Green and Traditional Brown. They all boast a high ambidextrous cheekpiece, slim neck, thumb rest and a slim forend.

    Laser-cut chequered panels are found on either side of the grip and on both sides of the forend.

    A 190-bar fill gives 70 shots in .177 calibre and 90 in .22. An air gauge is recessed in the underside of the stock. The airgun is fitted with side-lever action that runs a 10-shot ‘un-sprung’ rotary magazine. The 2-stage adjustable trigger unit features a black alloy blade with a manual safety button positioned through the blade itself.

    The Lothar Walther barrel is fully shrouded and holds a primary silencer while the screw cut muzzle accepts a secondary unit. Air Arms calibre specific ‘Q-Tec’ Silencers are an optional extra, highly recommended, and ultra-efficient.

    Contact: Air Arms - www.air-arms.co.uk

    Price: £879



    The ambidextrous, thumbhole laminate stock features an adjustable cheekpiece and butt pad as well as a steep drop-down pistol grip with aggressive stippling. The forend tapers forwards to end in an angled back tip, while finger scalloping has been crafted into both sides to aid grip.

    There’s a manometer on the end of the air reservoir and a recommended 200bar fill returns 50 shots in .177 and 75 in .22 calibre.

    The side-lever action runs a 14- shot, removable rotary magazine that’s secured in its housing by a slide back retaining catch. A highly laudable feature of the action is it can’t double-loaded.

    The semi-free-floating tube is held and secured at the front by a chunky barrel band and comes with the company’s HE (High Efficiency) silencer already spun onto its ½” UNF screw cut muzzle. The 2-stage, match grade, adjustable trigger mechanism includes a manual safety catch positioned rear/right of the action.

    Contact: Hull Cartridge – www.weihrauch.co.uk

    Price: £1080