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Airsoft sites - Bristol Area

Airsoft sites - Bristol Area

In the early to mid 2000s, whilst living in Wiltshire, I was a proud member of the ‘Evil Bears’ airsoft team, a rather tongue-in-cheek name for a distinctly motley crew! We played at various sites, including Bristol Airsoft but it was really Thornbury that became the ‘cultural home’ of the Bears. Eventually, of course, we all went our separate ways, but I’m still in touch with most of the guys to this day, and I still have very, very fond memories of our days playing together.

If you’re in the Bristol environs, or the near area, there are some corking sites to play at, and new ones opening all the time!

Bristol airsoft

Address: Bristol Airsoft, The Old Crown Courts, Bridewell Street, Bristol, BS1 2HQ.
T: 07776 288 826
Website: bristolairsoft.com

Bristol Airsoft uses the description ‘The Ultimate Indoor Airsoft Site’ and, whilst others have certainly got on board the ‘indoor train’, the guys in Bristol have probably been doing it the longest! Based in Bristol’s Old Crown Courts, they use our unique surroundings to create an immersive atmosphere in line with real ‘hostile situations’ and play their scenarios accordingly. One minute you can be ‘up before the beak’ in the Court Room itself, and the next you’ll be ‘banged up’ in the cells down below! The Safe Zone is well away from the active game areas, so you can certainly chill out and relax if the pace gets to you.

Features include over 20,000 square feet of live playing area, multilevel play utilising stairwells, balconies and mezzanine levels, a whole 9000 square feet of underground Victorian Prison Cells, an on-site armoury selling RIFs, ammo and accessories, a dedicated breakout and rest area, and a tuck shop selling drinks and snacks. RIF and airsoft kit hire is available, and stag/hen parties, group and corporate events are all welcomed.

Whether you’re new to Airsoft or a seasoned player, Bristol Airsoft has experienced marshals and staff to ensure that you enjoy an action-packed and adrenaline-fuelled airsoft experience. If you book online, make sure you check in on Facebook when you arrive, for a chance to win their monthly Airsoft prize draw! Bristol Airsoft is a U.K.A.R.A. Registered Airsoft Site.

Site limit

Due to the nature of the site, power levels are strictly enforced, with a maximum of 340fps on a .20g BB, and no heavier BBs than a .25g Please note that Bristol Airsoft is a single shot or semi-auto site only, and that full seal eye protection must be worn by everyone; Under 18s must also wear full face protection.

Black ops bristol

Address: Hollywood Lane, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, South Gloucestershire, BS10 7TW.
T: 0117 9353 388
Website: blackopsbristol.co.uk

Black Ops Cribbs was set up by one of the UK’s most experienced airsoft operators, in combination with one of the UK’s leading combat games operators. Their combined team have over 40-years of experience in providing what is best in combat gaming. Black Ops have exclusive use of the Skirmish Bristol – Cribbs Causeway venue, which is a former British Army Base, dating back to the Second World War, and includes some genuine military infrastructure, such as two reinforced underground bunkers!

They actually have two fantastic, multiactivity venues located in the South West of England; their woodland site is located at Portishead, and overlooks the Severn Estuary (Coast Road, Portishead, Nr. Bristol, North Somerset, BS20 8JX). Their urban site is located at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. This venue is very conveniently located near to ‘The Mall’ shopping centre, at junction 17, on the M5 motorway.

Airsoft Walk-on Events are held regularly on Sundays, and generally alternate between the two venues. They are primarily aimed at players who have more gameplay experience, and who like to play on a regular basis. Walk-on players also usually have their own equipment, although Black Ops can provide rental equipment if required. They have several package options to reflect this.

All-inclusive Airsoft Rental packages are available for players of any ability from the age of 12 upwards. They can be booked for any weekday (Monday to Friday) and/ or any Saturday. The Rental packages include everything a player needs, such as safety gear, a RIF and ammo. Black Ops Airsoft Rental games are normally held at their Cribbs Causeway venue. Face masks or goggles must be worn during gameplay, to protect your eyes. Under 18s are required to wear full face masks.

Site limit

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Full auto: 350fps
Sniper: 450fps MAX

Warminster airsoft

Address: Bath Road, Warminster.
T: 01985 212 611
Website: warminsterairsoft.co.uk

Warminster Airsoft offers one of the best experiences of Battle Simulations in the West Country. Their site is situated within 50-acres of Longleat Woodland (Lions and other beasties are NOT included in your game fee!); they started building the Airsoft site in 2009 and now hold events every Sunday from 10am to 4pm, some private games on Saturdays and night games on Wednesdays 6pm ‘til late. They have a dedicated Safe Zone, and lunch, Extra BBs, Smoke and other goodies are available from the shop. They also have a range of RIFS, and spares to purchase most weekends.

They hold a good selection of RIFs for people needing to hire equipment, but of course if you have your own gear and equipment then you can just turn up as a Walk-on.

During the booking in and Safety Brief, all RIFs will be chronoed on their target range, to make sure they are all within the

Site limit

. You are welcome to bring all your own kit and RIFs, including twotones. Warminster Airsoft does ask that you please check any pyro with a marshal before the start of the day. It is better and safer to only use pyro purchased on the site, so that they know exactly what is being used. Warminster Airsoft recommends full face for all, although over 16s can just use approved eye protection.

They describe their average day as BattleSim. Most games have one clear objective for the two or three (yes three!) teams playing. Once a month, they have a MilSim day, where one game can last all day and teams are given a succession of conflicting objectives during game play.

Site limit

Full auto: 350fps
Sniper: 500fps MAX Snipers subject to minimum engagement distance

Spartan airsoft

Address: Brockley Combe, Bristol, BS48 3DF.
T: 07791 176 046
Website: spartanairsoft.co.uk

Spartan Airsoft has recently opened a new CQB site in Chippenham, but will be known to many for their excellent existing woodland side near Bristol Airport. The woodland site is set in over 40-acres of ever-changing woodland, and there’s a bit of everything for all styles of player from dense woodland with tracks running through for surprise attack, to a purpose-built village, the perfect place to set up an unbeatable defence, and much, much more!

The woodland site offers a dry, under cover basecamp with more than enough benches for over 100 players, a hardstanding car park, a shop selling BBs, bangs and other goodies, charging facilities, and the Spartan Snack shop where they have free tea and coffee all day. There are male and female toilets, along with all the facilities you’d expect from a well-established site. UKARA Membership is also available, as are Hire Packages for new players.

I’ve not had chance to play the new CQB site as yet, but my good friend Craig from WA03 Media (who also kindly sent me some of the pictures used here) tells me it’s a cracking day out. The site, the old Wiltshire College, has impressive features including three floors with five staircases, and over 90,000 sq. ft. of playable space, including the old sports all, cafeteria and kitchens. Sadly, this site may be gone soon, as it’s scheduled for redevelopment (this seems to be a growing trend for airsoft venues, airsoft ‘pop-ups’ if you like!) so if you live in the area and want to get your CQB-on, then I’d advise doing so sooner rather than later!

Site limit

Full auto: 350fps
Sniper: 450fps MAX (single shot sniper rifles only. NOT semi-converted AEGs) with a 30-metre engagement for sniper rifles.

No Laser Sights are to be mounted or used at Spartan Woodland, due to the proximity of the airport, and please note they are a BIO ONLY site and you must use BBs supplied by them. This is so they can check that bio is being used. If there are new sites that I’ve missed, then please do feel free to contact me and I’ll endeavour to add you in a site update at a later date!

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