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Want to go Shooting? Check out these Ranges

  • Check out these 4 ranges!!

    Check out these 4 ranges!!

    1. Orion Firearms Training – A 5000 acre rifle range located in the Welsh Cambrian Mountains where you can shoot steel reactive targets from 50m to 3km! This is the very location that got me hooked on rifle shooting and I have been three times now. If you want to see what you and your rifle can do then you must go here. Stretched my .223 out to 800m!

  • 2. The Tunnel Target Sports Centre is a home office approved and is also affiliated to the National Rifle Association. Suitable for air-gun, Small bore and Full bore shooting. As the name suggests it houses a selection of ranges inside a tunnel. The 100m range is rated for up to .50 cal! A perfect location for load development as there is none of that pesky wind! There is also a shop on site so you won't run out of ammo.

  • 3. Tony's Camo and Airgun centre in Chester not only sells air guns but also has a 25m indoor range. The range boasts 50+ metal targets as well as catering for paper targets as well. Want to shoot your air pistol? Well there is range for that as well. £5 for up to 2 hours...........I think that’s classed as cheap.

  • 4. Pete's Airgun Farm is definitely worth a visit as is the new website. Situated near Chelmsford in the Essex countryside there is an 55 yard indoor range with enough room for 10 shooters and plenty of knockdown targets. Once you have mastered this you can move out to the 65 yard outdoor range. A real challenge in the wind! There is also airgun hunting available as well as camping. Bottle refills on site, what more could you want!