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For The Shooter Who Thought they Had Everything

  • SELF DIAGNOSTIC LASER TRAINING For The Shooter Who Thought He Had Everything

    Sentinel Shield are pleased to announce that they are now the official European distributors for SIRT Training Pistols and all associated products. SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) is an ingenious laser driven training device designed to enhance the abilities of pistol shooters, whether they be civilian, police or military.

  • SIRT is already in use with a large number of Government agencies Including the CIA, FBI and The Secret Service and is currently on trial with Special Forces units worldwide, with extremely positive feedback being received in all areas of trial. The top of the range SIRT 110 Pro is designed to look and handle the same as a Glock Gen 4 pistol; ensuring all weapons drills remain as realistic as possible, which is the key to perfecting fundamental pistol skills. With SIRT, each trigger compression activates a laser marker rather than an actual shot, allowing the shooter to train safely even at home indoors. In addition, they come with a 'Trigger Prep Laser' as standard enabling the user to observe, correct and refine their trigger control.

  • Multiple accessories are available, including realistically weighted magazines. A downloadable software package allows the SIRT user to turn any space in the house, garage or shed into an indoor range with only a computer or laptop with a webcam required. With such software, the SIRT user can designate any household object as a target using a simple ‘click and drag’ interface system; additionally, the software allows the user to record speed of shooting, accuracy and grouping, and the diagnostics setting gives feedback on trigger control and overall performance.

  • Proper use and instruction of the SIRT system and all associated tech can be carried out by Alan White and Tim Hall of Sentinel Shield, internationally appointed instructors to the system range. The Sentinel Shield range doesn't stop at the standard SIRT and accessories however. An infra-red option allows SIRT to interact with a number of high tech training aids generally used in the training of specialist Military and Police units.

  • Sentinel Shield also supplies a range of simulated Improvised Explosive Devices, ideal for training to face threats of the modern world, including simulated suicide vests that can interact with most of our products. Sentinel Shield are also looking to establish an international dealership network to distribute their product range in 2016.

  • For information concerning training or wholesale, contact: [email protected] or [email protected] Retail sales and product information contact: [email protected] or 01481 823994 For more information on this topic please contact Tim Hall: 03330 112928 or [email protected]