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HK primers

HK primers

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Essential to the reloading process is a quality, centrefire primer. We usually associate this seemingly humble item with the larger ammunition manufacturers, such as CCI or Remington. So, it was with some interest that we heard that Henry Krank & Co Ltd are now distributing their own brand product. Called HK Primers (Henry Krank), they are Boxer types, so suitable for all single flash hole, cartridges cases, regardless of calibre. The construction shows the usual three legged anvil sitting in the cup over the red priming compound, which is crushed to ignite against the tip of the anvil in the normal manner. Reading the back of the packet shows that they are stated to be non-corrosive and non-mercuric, so will not cause rusting or corrosion. Any sensible shooter will always clean their gun as a matter of course after use! The information further states that they are made in Bosnia and Herzegovina; visual inspection and comparison shows them to be similar to those used in Prvi Partizan (PPU) ammunition, but that’s just a guess; their primers work fi ne in their ammo, so all well and good. They are offered in the usual specifications, small and large rifle and pistol, but no magnums or match options, yet. They are packaged in the familiar plastic trays of 100, with each primer in an individual compartment with a slide-off card sleeve. They are marked clearly in the lower right hand corner as to their size and type EG: LARGE PISTOL and also with a batch number. Priced at £42 per 1000, they are available in 100s too; trawling around the internet shows them to be cheaper than most other brands. As of yet, we have not tested them, but that will be next.


  • Type: small and large, rifle and pistol
  • Prices: per 1000 £42 per 100 £4.20
  • Contact: Henry Krank & Co Ltd; www.henrykrank.com


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