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PPU .44 Rem Mag FPJ 240 Grain

PPU .44 Rem Mag FPJ 240 Grain

Prvi Partizan (PPU) are Serbian and have been producing ammunition of all types, their current catalogue shows over 400 options, which includes calibres for classic shooters as well as current sporting types. They are distributed in the UK by Henry Krank & Co Ltd.

On test is one of the most famous US handgun cartridges; the .44 Remington Magnum. Once rated as the most powerful handgun calibre in the world, it still represents a goodperformer, for both rifle and pistol needs. In the UK it’s primarily used in lever-action rifles.

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PPU offers seven loadings from 180 to 300-grains in a choice of bullet types that included jacketed soft or hollow point, lead and fully plated in a number of configurations. On test is their 240-grain, truncated cone, FPJ (flat point jacketed). The rimmed, brass case is Boxer-primed (Large Pistol) so good for reloading. It’s individually packed in 50-round boxes, with cardboard dividers to keep the ammo safe.

Factory figures using an 8-inch barrel shows a muzzle velocity (MV) of 1541fps and 1268ft/lbs of energy. Using a 16-inch Marlin 1894 we got an average MV of 1732fps, extreme spread (ES) of 23fps and standard deviation (S/D) of 11.5fps. Energy was calculated at 1599ft/lbs at muzzle and 1007ft/lbs at 100-yards, both of which are healthy figures for this calibre. The 240-grain bullet has a ballistic coefficient of 0.175, and when zeroed at 25-yards produces the following figures:

Distance(yards) Velocity(fps) Energy(ft/lbs) Drop(inches)
0 1732 1599 0.1
25 1635 1424 0
50 1543 1268 0.71
75 1456 1129 2.34
100 1374 1007 4.99
125 1299 900 8.8

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  • Name: PPU 44 REM MAG FPJ 240 grain
  • RRP: £63.60
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