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Remington 243 WIn 100 grain

Remington 243 WIn 100 grain

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Remington have been producing their legendary Core-Lokt ammunition since 1939 and a testament to its ability is it’s still popular today. As the name suggests, the bullet’s copper jacket is ‘Lokt’ to the lead core, to deliver massive expansion and maximise weight retention. Raytrade UK Ltd. distribute the Remington branded ammo in the UK in a wide variety of calibres, including .243 Win. This is a popular number in the UK, as it meets the minimum requirements by law, to shoot deer. If a load is selected with a 100-grain bullet, minimum muzzle velocity (MV) of 2450fps and muzzle energy of at least 1750 ft/lbs then it also meets Scottish needs. On test is the .243 Win 100-grain Core-Lokt product, using a Pointed Soft Point (PSP), which is designed to fl y faster and flatter than their classic soft point. The rimless, brass case is Boxer-primed (Large Rifle) so can be reloaded. The 20-rounds are packed in cardboard boxes and include a plastic separator. Factory figures shows a MV of 2960 fps and 1945 ft/lbs of energy. Using a 21.5” barrel, we got an average MV of 2898 fps, an extreme spread (ES) of 76 fps and energy was calculated at 1865 ft/lbs at the muzzle and 1540 ft/lbs at 100 yards. The 100-grain bullet has a ballistic coefficient of 0.356 and, when zeroed at 100 yards, produced the following figures:

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  • Name: Remington Core-lokt .243 Win 100-grain (PSP)
  • Price: £22.95
  • Contact: raytradeuk.co.uk


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