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Sig SauerX Five

Sig SauerX Five

Replica style airguns are hugely popular, and the CO2 format has proved the ideal medium, for fast-fire, fun shooting. On test here is a fine example, yet this is no cheap and cheerful pistol, it’s a solid piece of handgun from a respected manufacturer. For this SIG Sauer X-Five is actually a faithful reproduction of their semi-auto firearm of the same name.

Weighty little number

Open the smart packaging, then handle the Japanese made X-Five, and the first thing you notice is the weight. At 2.7lbs, this model certainly feels authentic, and with a level of build and finish in keeping with the brand, plus an all-metal construction, save for the magazine stick and grips, it’s difficult not to be very impressed from the off. SIG introduced the similarly styled P226 pistol a while back, which was BB firing, but check the spec sheet here and the X-Five is specified as pellet firing only. That’s a massive plus in my book, and with no dodgy BBs to ricochet about the place, this is an altogether superior product. That said, I’d still recommend wearing protective shooting glasses.

Available in .177 only, the X-Five is powered by the usual 12-gram CO2 capsule. There’s a 20-shot belt feed magazine and the action is blowback, where the top slide moves back and forth as the pistol fires. All the external features of the original are here, and that includes dual manual safety catches, a dummy strip catch and a dummy slide release.

Gassing up/belting up

The 12-gram CO2 capsule is concealed within the grip. Just pull down the small catch to the rear, then the rear section of the grip opens downwards to allow a fresh capsule to be inserted, neck upwards into the chamber. At this point, the grip section needs to be pushed back into place hard, which pierces the capsule and charges the system. Initial closure can require some effort, but this system means you can’t overtighten the tensioner, as you can with some CO2 models.

Now we need to fill the belt-style magazine. Press the mag release catch on the left, just to the rear of the trigger, and pull the mag free of the action. Prise open and pull down the hinged front plate/lid on the magazine, then insert a pellet nose- first into each exposed hole. Move the belt gently around anti-clockwise to expose and fill the remaining holes. When full, close the lid and insert the mag back into the action until it snaps into position. You’re now ready for action!

Sights & accessories

Look to the front and the crisply defined Picatinny rail is just perfect for those who can’t resist all manner of add-ons (laser sights, torches etc). Solid mounting at a stroke, and added versatility for those who like to play.

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Look to the top of the slide and there are no dovetails or provision for any add-on sight. Open sights are here though, and they afford a really good sight picture. The fixed front sight bead is picked out with a clear white dot, whilst the rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation, via two screws.

Shooting the X-Five

Handle this SIG and those stylish polymer grips enhance the feel, with the moulded chequering doing its job. The gentle swell at the rear is just enough and all felt good in the aim, with the significant weight, as mentioned, adding to the experience.

If you’ve never used a pistol with blowback, it really does add another level to the sensation, as the top slide moves back and forth on firing. I really like the position, shape and feel of the trigger blade, although it should be noted that the X-Five’s trigger cycles the belt magazine, so consequently, there’s additional feel in the action, rather than an ultra-clean release. Is it a match unit? Well, no. Accept this, and slowly pull through the resultant creep, and the final release is perfectly acceptable. I’m talking here of slow and deliberate shooting. Get into the spirit though, and this SIG needs fast cycling, so finer trigger control becomes more instinctive. I think what I’m trying to say is, just let go and enjoy it!


The X-Five has a modest amount of kick as the action moves and this is quite appealing. Fans of this style of pistol appreciate that with that inherent movement in the shot cycle, it’s never going to be super accurate, but the SIG still gave a fair account of itself, with 5- shot groups around 1.75” easy to come by over 10 yards.

In terms of firepower, expect 50-60 shots per 12-gram CO2 charge, although this is subject to temperature change and the ammunition used. Basically, given the vagaries of CO2, cold weather means probably fewer shots. On test, energy output came in at 2.2 ft/lbs over the first 30 shots, with the highest recorded 2.5 ft/ lbs. Consistency shouldn’t be so relevant with this style of airgun, but for the record, I recorded a total spread of 84 FPS over the first 30 shots, hitting a maximum velocity of 372 FPS, against a claimed 430 FPS - so not far off.

Unlike some blowback pistols, the X-Five’s slide action doesn’t stay open on the last shot, and it should also be noted that the blowback action fails to operate once gas reserves fall short. Not so much a problem, more a characteristic, and a warning to re-charge.

Solid performer

Overall then, the SIG Sauer X-Five is a reassuringly solid piece of pistol in the hand, that just feels very well made. It looks and feels the part, and for lovers of replica guns, that can also be shot, this model is one for serious consideration. Great fun, and satisfying to shoot.

Thanks to Range & Country Shooting Supplies in Sleaford, Lincs., for the kind loan of this pistol.

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  • Name: SIG Sauer X-Five
  • Type: CO2 Blowback Repeater
  • Power source: 12-gram CO2 capsule
  • Calibre: 4.5mm (.177) BB
  • Ammo: Pellet only
  • Shot count: : 50 approx per capsule
  • Sights: Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Magazine capacity: 20
  • Weight: 2.7lbs
  • Length: 8.8”
  • Barrel: 3.9”
  • Trigger: 2-stage
  • Price: £216 (guide)
  • Options: Silver Finish
  • Contact: Highland Outdoors www.highlandoutdoors.co.uk


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