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Hatsan Striker 1000s

Hatsan Striker 1000s

Modern airgun production really has become a global phenomenon and one of the biggest winners in recent years has been the Turkish arms manufacturer, Hatsan. Producing much of the modern Webley line-up has played a big part in raising their UK profile, along with a string of value for money shotguns of course. On test here is one of their own branded airguns, produced specifically for Edgar Brothers- the Striker 1000S.

It’s a fairly standard spring-powered, break-barrel design, yet with some distinctive detail and bold layout, it deserves a full appraisal. I got to grips with the scaled-down Striker Junior when that came out a while back, yet whilst the 1000S is the full powered adult version, tipping the scales at a mere 6.6lbs means that it can be carried in the field over an extended session, without becoming too much of a burden.


Black or grey synthetic stocks are of course, all the rage, and the one fitted to this Striker 1000S certainly looks the part. Maybe a little hollow sounding, with the result that it feels slightly tinny to the touch, yet get into the aim, and it really handles nicely! A well shaped, thinned down grip and nicely profiled forend tip, all help the cause. Whilst those highly attractive rubber inserts, applied to the forend and grip, are not just cosmetic, as they really enhance the feel. My test model came with grey inserts, but orange, yellow or dark grey are also available, to jazz up the looks, depending upon how garish you choose to be!

Part of the runaway popularity of these tactical-style stocks lies in their total practicality. Plastic requires no maintenance and unlike traditional timber will not warp and swell up, when taken out in the wet. Of course in reality, this technical benefit is largely academic, as many shooters will only shoot in dry conditions, yet the advantages remain. The down side comes with the increased resonance and noise that comes from a semi hollow design. Tapping the cheek piece, gives the game away, but to many, some additional action noise is a small price to pay. As for why so many models now include super hard rubber pads at the shoulder, I’m not so sure.



On the plus side, open sights are supplied as standard, and since they are of the fibre optic variety, this is cause for celebration. Hatsan call theirs ‘Tru-glo’ and a super compact, yet perfectly functional rear unit features green elements to create the notch, whilst the stylish front assembly includes a protected, hooded bead- this time in red. Open sights are always an invaluable introduction to general shooting and for any juniors and novices on a limited budget; it can also help delay the additional cost of adding a scope.

The Striker’s moulded plastic barrel assembly sees the actual barrel tube set back a couple of inches from the muzzle. Yet the design isn’t claimed to be a silencer in any way, intended no doubt to purely double as a cocking aid.



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Fitting a scope is easy, with a good run of dovetail rails to play with. In addition though, a small arrestor block is supplied, screwed to the rear of the receiver, allowing for mounts to be placed up against it. Scope creep is therefore all but eliminated and it’s a clever touch from Hatsan; adding little to production costs, whilst solving a basic problem with spring- powered rifles.

Cocking is pretty easy, with the breech breaking open with no real force needed. Having that barrel assembly adds real leverage too with the actual stroke being very manageable. Final lock-up does sound a bit rattly though, which is surprising, given the design features an articulated cocking linkage, which, impressively, is even cushioned via a spring loaded runner, to eliminate vibration. Good attention to detail then and with an integral, anti bear trap system in place, safety hasn’t been overlooked. On that subject; an automatic safety catch, courtesy of the (Webley Omega style) push button at the rear of the cylinder, comes into play. Whilst it’s is easy to nudge it off with the thumb each time, it does mean that the mechanism cannot be de-cocked.



When Hatsan first began manufacturing Webley models, I for one was less than impressed with some of the final finishing processes. These days, their production techniques have undergone some distinct refinements, and as a result, their current offerings are a huge improvement. OK, look closely inside the breech, and some uneven machine marks are still in evidence and the chemical bluing process still falls short of many rivals! Yet overall, and certainly for the money, the standard of manufacture is pretty damn good. Plastics used for the safety catch, trigger guard, and that super stylish barrel assembly, are par for the course, and precisely moulded components are always the saving grace.

And so to the business end, how does this Striker 1000S handle and shoot? Well in short, I was genuinely impressed. The stock is fairly conventional in styling admittedly, yet that slim line grip and those highly comfortable rubberized inserts, just add to the final feel.

Yes, there is some spring resonance during the shot cycle of course and the semi hollow sections of stock will only accentuate that but overall, very mild recoil and a pleasant firing cycle makes this Hatsan a winner where it matters. Over my 30 yard test range, I could group comfortably within ½” using Air Arms Diabolo Field ammunition, although Edgar Brother’s own pellets, whilst fairly consistent, failed to impress, being tight in the barrel. Quality ammo so often pays dividends though, and with the Air Arms (JSB) also recording a 10-shot spread of just 12 fps over the chrono, these were clearly the Striker’s diet of choice.



If the truth be told, this Striker 1000S bears more than a passing resemblance to the equally impressive Webley ValueMax, sharing as it does, a few key components. That said, the striking stock alone, assures a distinctive profile, setting it apart from its rivals. In short, Hatsan have really upped their game, with the result that many of their latest offerings are capable of solid, serious performance that should begin to worry several of the established big players on the airgun scene. At £146, this model is something of a bargain, with serious accuracy (with the right pellet) and consistency that frankly we have no right to expect at the price. OK, final refinement and finish maybe give the game away, but for a budget hunting option, or perfect beginners gun, it does the job nicely!

AA Diablo Edgar Brothers
High 585fps 646fps
Low 573 624
Ave 580 635
Spread 12fps 22fps

PRICE (RRP):  £130
CONTACT: Edgar Brothers Ltd, 01625 613177

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  • Hatsan Striker 1000s - image {image:count}

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  • Hatsan Striker 1000s - image {image:count}

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  • Hatsan Striker 1000s - image {image:count}

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  • Hatsan Striker 1000s - image {image:count}

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  • Hatsan Striker 1000s - image {image:count}

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  • Name: Hatsan Striker 1000S
  • Type: Break-barrel
  • Calibre : .22 on test (.177 available)
  • Weight: 6.6lbs
  • Length : 44”
  • Barrel : 16”
  • Stock : Polymer composite (orange, yellow or dark grey inserts also available)
  • Trigger : 2-stage, adjustable unit
  • Energy : 11.95ft/lbs 11.8ft/lbs


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