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Evolution Airsoft Hardcore Lonestar series

Evolution Airsoft Hardcore Lonestar series

Lonestar State

The Lonestar Tactical Supply are a Texas corporation supplying shooting products for the civilian market.  It was founded by two competitive shooters who have won countless championships at state, national, and international levels. They pooled their talents together to create Lonestar Tactical Supply, and they test all their firearms and products either in the field or in competition, and they don’t sell anything that does not live up to their exacting standards.

The Lonestar Border Patrol series of rifles are produced for competitive shooting, the first of these rifles was based on Spikes Tactical lowers, which Lonestar picked for their first class manufacturing standards and total reliability.

Lonestar Licensed Airsoft Guns From Evolution

The Lonestar Tactical Series is manufactured under worldwide license from Lonestar Tactical Supply to Evolution Airsoft, Italy.  When Evolution approached Lonestar for permission to reproduce the Border Patrol rifle in their Hard Core Airsoft Series they were told that Lonestar would not allow their logo to be put on anything that was not first class. Fortunately the products surpassed all of Lonestar’s expectations and they will be working with Evolution on future editions to the range. At this moment Lonestar Tactical are evaluating Evolution Airsoft Border Patrol rifles in the USA, for possible use in police, SWAT and military training.

Evolution Airsoft’s Hard Core Series

The Hardcore Series are the top end products in the Evolution Airsoft product range.

Their website states “Hardcore Series guns are designed to meet the demand for superior-quality products coming from professional airsoft players looking for performance and ultimate realism. For their sophisticated technical features the Evolution Airsoft Hardcore Series guns are the state of the art in the airsoft industry. The ultimate realism, perfect finishing and attention to details make the Hardcore Series the most wanted item also by collectors.”

The Hard Core Lonestar series features five distinct guns;

The Lonestar Rancher - This is a full M4A1 length carbine with solid stock

The Lonestar BorderPatrol SBR (Short Barrelled Rifle) - A CQB (Close Quarters Battle) length M4 with sliding stock

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The Lonestar Border Patrol -An M4A1 length sopmod (Special Operations Peculiar MODification kit) with sliding stock

The Lonestar Border Patrol Swat SBR - A CQBR length rifle with full R.I.S. (Rail Interface System) and sliding crane stock.

The Lonestar Ranger SBR - A CQB length rifle with tactical short barrel front end, foregrip, soundhog style suppressor and a club foot stock, this model is available in black or dark earth.

What Do You Get?
These impressive replicas all feature the same logos and trademarks as their real gun counterparts. They also have unique serial numbers, anodized aluminium body, CNC machined one piece barrels, working bolt release, high torque motors, steel gears, reinforced pistons, 7mm radial ball bearings, metal hop-up chambers with sealing o-rings and they all come with a 300 round magazine.

So… Are They Hardcore?

The model I took as an example for the purposes of this review is the top of the range Lonestar Ranger SBR, although all models are made to the same high spec., only differing in external detailing.

The first thing I thought on releasing this beast from its well presented packaging was “Wow! This really is a quality piece of kit”. It is extremely well built with flawless solid body construction, fine detailing, unusual grey colouration,and an impressive working bolt release. It certainly looks and feels good, now I started to wonder whether it would perform equally well…

Have They Got Range?

With batteries installed and a magazine engaged in the Ranger SBR, I tried it over the chronograph. The trigger seems crisp and responsive, and with 0.2g bb’s it achieved a very consistent 315-318 fps and a rate of fire of approximately 15 rounds per second with a 7.2 volt Lipo battery, so far so good…

Out at the range for a test fire, the first few shots where dropping off drastically at under 20 feet , and I thought this is where the Lonestar Ranger may just let itself down, but after adjustment, with the slightest hint of hop, the rifle instantly came to life, out performing many rifles twice the price, all in all this very impressive rif (realistic imitation rifle).  If this gun is anything to go by, the Hardcore Lonestar series are well worth a look at from the serious skirmisher, and it also gives the impression that it will not let you down in the field.

The Verdict

Once again Evolution Airsoft have maintained their excellent quality control and brought us a range of airsoft replicas that set out a new definition of exceptional quality at affordable prices.  I award the test rifle 9/10.
Prices for the Evolution Airsoft ‘Hardcore’ Lonestar series are as follows; Rancher, Border Patrol Rifle and Border Patrol SBG are all priced at £224.99 each; the Border Patrol SBR SWAT is £269.99 and the Ranger SBR is £299.99. Evolution are due to add further models to the Hardcore series this year.

All the Evolution RIFs featured here are available from Rules of Engagement, the UK main agent. Contact details are tel. 01702 554503 www.roeairsoft.co.uk

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