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F226 MK25 Airsoft Pistol

F226 MK25 Airsoft Pistol

Testing of any airsoft replica, in my opinion, really needs to be undertaken in a real world environment every bit as much as in a workshop setting. Any airsofter will know that on the face of it a RIF can be put together with the very best of components but then fail miserably in a game.


Virtually every player I have ever met not only has their primary, but also runs a good quality secondary. There are some fabulous handgun replicas available on the market, and my personal favourites recently have come from WE Europe. Given the sheer amount written and portrayed on the Silver Screen this year in relation to the US Navy SEALs it meant that I had to have a SIG P226 MK25 to pursue a loadout I have been working on for some time.

Now WE models do not have trademarks of any kind due to the licensing needed in this respect, but having had a real MK25 in my hands at IWA earlier this year what they present is a replica that is extremely accurate in overall look and feel. The WE F226 MK25 is a solid, full metal and polymer replica that immediately feels as if it’s going to stand up to the rigors of regular airsoft skirmishes extremely well indeed. The finish of all parts is very good, and even after nine months of use it’s only showing minor signs of wear on the slide.

Weighing in at a hefty 870g you certainly know you’ve got it in your hands, and it’s an altogether “chunkier” feel than a Glock or 1911. The grips themselves are marked with the legend “F226” on the left hand side and “SEAL TEAMSIX” on the right, just so you’re in no doubt about who uses this model in real life, amongst others.

In Use

The slide racks back very positively with next to no wobble in the action. Once the 24 round gas magazine is inserted in the well and the slide release hit, the slide slams forward solidly. Magazines are easy to load as they have a prominent follower. One particular feature that stands out in relation to the MK25 is the manual decocking action. Once the pistol has been cocked a second lever on the left hand side just above the magazine release lets you drop the hammer mechanically, putting the MK25 into a safe carry mode even with a BB in the chamber if you’re using a high side holster; remember to drop the magazine as usual if you’re in the Safe Zone though! When you are ready to fire you can simply thumb back the hammer to fire in single action, or just crack on in double action.

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To the front of the trigger guard is an exceptionally useful section of rail which is ideal for Taclites or other accessories. I’ve had no issues with any of the pistol lights I own, although I’ve decided to run an “M3” style light on this. The outer barrel is internally threaded to accept and adaptor for a suppressor, and these threaded adaptors can be found online easily for a tenner or so.

One thing to be aware of though is that the WE F226 MK25 frame is slightly larger than the real item so you do need to be a little careful in your choice of holster. I’d advise that you try it in a couple of different holster models before you make your final decision, or take the custom Kydex route as I have.

In use the MK25 is a great handgun. It’s robust, solid and works extremely well. On a recent game day I found myself next to another player with a heavily upgraded TM P226 and the WE as standard was ranging it by a good 5m! Said player was rightfully a little put out when I told him the WE was stock out of the box.

Trigger and Sights

Testing with G&G .20g PSBP BBs using standard green gas gave me an average chrono reading of an extremely consistent 280fps, plus or minus 2fps, perfectly acceptable for a skirmishable handgun. The trigger on this model is relatively light, and has very little take up or creep; it was

easy to get off follow up shots, with the heavy slide a delight in the way it snaps back and forth. The sights are a simple front blade and rear notch affair, but clear white dots on both make this an easy handgun to bring onto target. Once on target it’s accurate as you’d wish; testing at 5 and 10 metres saw a very flat trajectory and neat groupings.

Final Impressions

Overall I am very impressed with this excellent handgun from WE Europe, and have been since I got my hands on it at the beginning of this year. It’s become a bit of a favourite, not just on game days, but for range sessions as well. Used in different environmental conditions it really hasn’t stumbled once, although I am interested to see how it deals with sub-zero temperatures this winter.

If you’re looking for something well priced, solid, reliable, and good to go straight from the box then I can thoroughly recommend the F226 MK25.  Price is £119.99 and extra magazines are £24.95 each. For further information and stockist details visit www.weairsoft-europe.com GM

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