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Ruger SR22

Ruger SR22

Though AR-like, the Ruger SE 22 is all 10/22 inside, with the usual, cross-bolt safety and manual hold open. The mag catch is new, not just on this rifle but across the board as it now features a thumb lug, which makes the change so much slicker…

The SR 22 shows an alloy Nordic Components exoskeleton that the barrelled action sits in. This includes a medium weight 16” barrel in an apparently free-float forend, topped off with a ½ x 20“ UNF thread.  The body kit consists of a lower with Hogue-type pistol grip that covers the sides of the action, at the rear is a buffer tube and fixed butt (for the UK market). A scope rail/cover screws on top and at the front is a housing that connects this lot to the barrel and supports the float tube.

There’s a nylon block in the forend to tension the barrel – the gun shoots better without it! Also to strip the bolt out you need to remove the scope rail unit, which is a pain. The trigger is not too bad though could be better, but the rifle works and shoots well enough. I did find the cocking handle a bit short! Picatinny rails can be bought to screw onto the forend, likewise Magpul MBUS sights are also available. Being a 10-22 you can use the standard 10-round mag or other after-market feed systems.

For: Tried and trusted 10/22 in an AR-type stock
Against: Disassembly is a pain
Verdict: Not an AR in the strictest sense of the words though it works well

PRICE: £699


  • Barrel : 16”
  • Capacity : 10, 25 and 50-round drum
  • Iron sights : N
  • Manual hold open : Y


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