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Southern Gun Co, 9mm Lever Action Rifle

Pete Moore reviews the latest lever-action rifle from SGC that makes what came before redundant


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  • I have some concerns about how sensible this is.

    I acknowledge the innovation and the engineering skill in creating this, but it is, in my view ill-advised.

    We are literally a few months after the ban of MARS and Lever Release Section 1 rifles. The government determined that the rate of fire and magazine capacity were, amongst other reasons, too high for civilians to own, and so they banned them.

    Now, a rifle is introduced, that has a high rate of fire, high magazine capacity and allows for fast magazine changes. The risk is obvious and in my view, high. This rifle endangers every centrefire gallery rifle. I hope it is withdrawn from the market

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    Steve Ward
    29 Jan 2021 at 08:50 PM

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