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Battle of Bellewaarde June 1915

Battle of Bellewaarde June 1915

When a book is republished a second time it is hoped that any errors from the first printing will have been rectified. Unfortunately, with this book that has not been the case. The book covers the period of fighting for the high ground to the east of the town of Ypres in Belgium. Readers would be best advised to cross-reference with other works on the subject to clarify and confirm dates and names. There is much unnecessary background detail but this can be skipped over very briefly. The first-hand accounts from both German and British points are interesting, but better descriptions of movement and more maps would have been good. Finally, and the most baffling part of the book, why did the author feel it necessary to include 100 pages with the names of those killed in the fighting when the headstones in the cemeteries are a testament to the battle?


The Battle of Bellewaarde June 1915


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Carole McEntee- Taylor


Pen & Sword Books, Barnsley, South Yorkshire





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