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Blood in the Forest

Blood in the Forest

The war in the Baltic States is another of those campaigns which fall under the shadow of the wider operation as Russia pushed the Germans back. This book corrects that by focussing on the war in Latvia and in particular the Courland Pocket. The author has used a series of personal interviews with eyewitnesses and veterans of the fighting to produce a different approach to the war in Latvia. The result is like putting the reader in the room with the interviewer and interviewee and listening to their conversation. The author’s thoughts and opinions are put on the page as though he is talking directly to the reader. The way he conveys his feelings on being taken to visit the execution chamber at Stura Maja is most sensitive and puts the reader right there. A very thought-provoking work and is well worth reading.


Blood in the Forest


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Vincent Hunt


Helion and Company Ltd, Warwick





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