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D-Day Gunners

D-Day Gunners

If any reader wants to add a book on artillery in action on D-Day, then this is the one to put on your library shelves. Written by a retired Major in the Royal Artillery, who clearly knows his subject, this work examines all aspects of artillery from both sides and covers naval bombardment from the Allied ships. The ground role of AT and AA artillery is examined and the science behind how aircraft were engaged is explained. This work is part technical and part guidebook, with directions on how to locate German artillery positions, from the well-known such as Merville and Longues-sur-Mer batteries, to the lesser-known sites at Mont Fleury. Plenty of technical details explain SPGs, types of ammunition and how targets were engaged. Well illustrated with modern and contemporary photographs, plus diagrams and maps that support a text which is a good job of work.


D-Day Gunners


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Frank Baldwin


Pen & Sword Books, Barnsley, South Yorkshire





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